Month: June 2013

Salutations – A Talking Poem

  Hey Everyone! I have a new poem up on Wattpad. You can read it here:  or check it out below!   Salutations See, this is why I didn’t tell people, they give me that face She had just told me she was…

The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls

It is 1970. Sisters Bean and Liz are in a bit of a fix. Their mother, more focused on her “musical career” abandon them, leaving them only $200.00. Deciding that their mother isn’t coming back, they take the bus across the country to  Virginia…

Mythbound: The Argonaut’s Almanac Volume One by Darren Craske

  Myths have been around for as long as time-but who knows where they really came from? People have always been telling stories, spinning tales since time began. But what if they were all real? Eddie Sparks does not have it easy. After his…

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