Hey, everyone!

“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!” 

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author of the Women of the Otherworld series

I hope everyone is staying well and staying safe. Please take care of yourselves and those you love. I’m sending sparkles for everyone that needs them.

During this time, reading and writing have been such a comfort to me. They’ve brought me joy when there was none, offered me distraction when I was in need and helped me to travel to far off places when I was unable to leave the house.

My newest release is Hope Falls and it starts off a whole summer of mystery, mayhem and romance.

Stay safe!

Hope Falls (Hope Falls Season One)

For thirty years, Miriam Parker has played Sylvia Stevens on the popular soap opera Hope Falls. However, now her days are numbered.

Miriam knows that her ratings have begun to drop. Her character isn’t as popular lately, thanks in large part to her storyline. Miriam knows what happens when her ratings fall too low. She is written off the show in the most permanent of ways. After signing a lifetime contract with the show’s producer, Miriam knows that they own her and will take her life if the ratings fall too deep.

Knowing that she can’t do it alone, Miriam enlists the help of Naomi and Susan, both fellow actors on other soap operas. While Miriam is grateful for their help, when danger strikes, she knows that all of their lives are in danger. Miriam will have to learn what secrets Hope Falls studios hides so that all three of them can escape with their lives.

Love and Catastrophé Poetré

This collection of local Ottawa poets addresses the loves and losses during the catastrophies of 2020.

“There is so much of love in this collection, so much to love in the time of a pandemic, to abuse the phrase. In a period where we are bereft of touch and intimacy, love in all its forms encourages us to connect and, better yet, to hope. And, as much as love hurts in “Touch,” love always has the power to heal a very broken world.

“Love changes and changes us with it, as evidenced in this marvellous collection of poems that encompass so much in so little space.”

Julie Beun

“This collection captures an outpouring of emotion from a year of catastrophe and loss, interwoven through the themes of wildfire, pandemic and hurricane. The poems are vignettes of sorrow, destruction, loneliness and separation, but also with glimmers of hope. For lovers of poignant poetry.”

Rachel B. Brown, CEO

North Grenville Public Library

The Ghost Mirror

After being neglected by her parents for thirteen years, going to live with her Grandmother is like a breath of fresh air. At her Grandmother’s, she is not shunned or ignored; instead she is loved for what she is. The Last Witch.

Following one of the Ghosts that inhabit her Grandmother’s house, Mave steps through The Ghost Mirror into a world that is hauntingly like her own. The Town of Elements has many surprises; foremost being the magic that surges through Mave. Another: that something dark is hunting for her.

Mr. Lavender, an eater of souls, knows what Mave is and wants her soul for his own. Mave must learn to use her Magic if she is to succeed. There is more than her life at stake however: If she fails, the entire fabric of Magic will unravel, destroying The Town of Elements and her own world.

Mave must fight with all the power she has, if she wants to stay alive. . .

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