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“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!” 

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author of the Women of the Otherworld series
Cover image for The Secret of Desire (Book Two), by Jamieson Wolf.

The Secret of Desire (Book Two): Now available!

Alexander and Troy venture down from the fire watchtower with Starboy’s help to meet the people that have taken refuge in the forest. They have escaped with their lives, but they will have to fight to keep them. They will get help from Cassandra, Sophie, and Miriam—three woman who see more than should be possible—and Riley, a man who holds many secrets. Together, they will have to prepare. There is a war coming; which side will they be on?

Cover image of When I Think of You (poems) by Jamieson Wolf.

When I Think of You (Poems)

There is something about capturing the longing of the human heart within words.

When Jamieson Wolf first met the man who would become his husband, he began to write him love poems. Over the next six years, he penned more and more of them trying to find a way to describe how he felt about the love that was blooming between them. Follow along on their journey.

These poems contain joy and light, wonder and healing. Ultimately, this volume of poems confirms a couple of Jamieson’s beliefs: that love can heal all kinds of wounds and that magic is very real.

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