Hey, everyone!

“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!” 

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author of the Women of the Otherworld series

I hope everyone is staying well and staying safe. Please take care of yourselves and those you love. I’m sending sparkles for everyone that needs them.

I have some amazing news! Love and Lemonade, the third book in the Lemonade Series, won LR Cafe’s Best GLBTQ+ Book of 2019! How amazing is that? I’m over the moon about this win and couldn’t be happier! It’s so amazing!

Check out the book below and catch up with Blaine and friends. Read the award winning novel, Love and Lemonade!

In the meantime, stay safe!

Love and Lemonade (The Lemonade Series Book Three)

Winner of LR Café’s Best of 2019 Award for Best GLBTQ+ Book!

Blaine and his friends haven’t always been lucky in love. They’ve fumbled throughout lust, hoping to find their hearts desire, or at least a good lay. They have made their way through life, stumbling a few times, and have finally found their way to comfort and acceptance…Or have they? There are all kinds of love in the world and Blaine and his friends will have to find the love that works for them.

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