A Head Full of Clouds – A Poem

My head is








into the sound of

s i l e n c e

and FULL

of clouds.

They fly like birds

from my mind,

taking my thoughts

with them

and leaving only the


of sleep.

I may have forgotten


but in the nothingness,

I remember who I am.

The Shapes of Wrath: Hope’s Seven Deadly Sins Book 1 by Meslissa Yi – A Book Review

Hope Sze has no idea that she’s entering the darkness.

She takes on a surgery rotation and she’s assigned to operating room three. Her superior is Dr. Vrac and she quickly learns that he has a nickname: Dr. Death. She’s never worked for anyone like him before. He treats the other surgeons and attendants like garbage, makes racist comments about others, loses his temper at everyone around him.

He also kills people. Hope Sze watches as his actions cause a patient to bleed out on the table. If she tries to do anything, it will put her in the path of his wrath and his vengeance. Hope has never been so afraid of a doctor and so terrified at what he will do. Yet, she knows that she has to do whatever she can to make sure his wrath is stopped.

When she finds the dead body of another surgeon, Hope knows that she is up against a killer. The only thing that she doesn’t know is how she can prove that Dr. Vrac is the one who killed him before he ends up killing her.

Matters are made more interesting when she spots a ghost at the hospital. Has the ghost come to warn her or help her?

Hope only knows one thing for sure: she is running out of time.

I loved the Shapes of Wrath so much! Everything about this book is amazing.

Melissa Yi always knows how to spin a tale and her books always blur the genre lines of mystery. Normally, she uses a lot of humour in her books, and I’m often surprised when I laugh out loud from something that she has written on one page and them I’m shocked by something on another page.

However, there is no humour in The Shapes of Wrath. Instead, as Hope Sze takes on a very real killer, she is thrown into a race against time and a fight against those she knows. The shapes of Wrath has everything you could want in a book: characters that have depth, romance, ghosts, a solid mystery with characters that you care about and characters that you hate.

There is a parallel storyline with every second chapter, and rather than take away from the main storyline, it only added to the mystery and the urgency. I kept wondering how the storylines would converge and when they did, I was pulled even further into the tale. Melissa Yi’s strength is that she creates such amazing people that they feel real. I felt like the journey that Hope went on in this book brought me closer to her as a character and someone that I can’t wait to see again.

Hope is also facing a very real threat. As someone that has to depend on the medical help that the hospital provides, and as someone who has dealt with difficult and dismissive doctors, the actions of Dr. Vrac really hit home for me. Though I haven’t had to deal with anyone as terrible as he is, it was a stark reminder that doctors really hold your life in their hands. I think that is the true terror that this book presents: you have no idea what a doctor is capable of until you are under the knife. Thankfully, almost all of my doctors have been amazing.

Terrifying and thrilling with incredible characters, romance, and the supernatural, The Shapes of Wrath is the perfect book. It held my hands as if they were almost glued to the page and I didn’t know where it was going to go, or how things were going to unravel. There was an undercurrent of dread that filled the whole novel, and it left me spellbound and anxious to find out how it all ended. This book shows that Yi is a master of the mystery thriller and the added element of the paranormal just took things to a whole new level.

The Shapes of Wrath is a novel filled with depth and urgency and I can’t wait to read the second book in the series!

The Path Through the Trees – A Poem

I am standing

in front of the forest.

The path is different this time,

laid with precious stones

among the cobblestones.

As the sun moves above me,

the light hits one of the stones

at my feet and I can see

that it is a moonstone.

I know that when I enter the trees,

the night will rule.

Standing there,

the trees beckoning,

their leaves welcoming me

to come inside,

I feel like Alice in Wonderland

as she watches the white rabbit

when it slips into the hole

and she chooses to follow.

I stand at the edge of the forest

Wondering where it will take me.

Staring at the pills in my hand,

I feel even more like Alice

and I wonder whether these pills

will make me shrink smaller

or grow larger.

They seem so small,

yet they are full of a magic

all their own. I just wish

I knew what that magic would do.

There is the call of a bird

from within the leaves of the trees.

The sun moves overhead again

and another stone on my path

is lit as if from within.

I can see obsidian and quartz

and I can make out an amethyst

not too far ahead.

I take a pill,

and I can feel the pill start its journey

within me. I nod as if to remind myself

that I can do this.

I have done this before.

Beside me,

my husband takes my hand,

squeezing it to give me strength.

“We’re in this together,” he says.

“You are not alone in the dark.”

I nod to show I understand

and I squeeze his hand,

as if to remind him of the words

that I cannot speak.

He nods to show that he understands.

When I take that first step,

letting the leaves of the trees

bush against my face,

I know that I am not alone

and that makes the light within me

burn brighter than any sun.

We take another step

and though I know that this path

will be a long one,

it will be a journey that we share

together and that holds a magic

all its own.

The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts by Matthew Stapley – A Book Review

I met Matthew Stapley over ten years ago at an event that included all kinds of clairvoyants, psychics and card readers. I was there with my tarot cards, trying to help people gain clarity over their lives. When I met Matthew, I immediately knew that I was meeting a kindred spirit and a truly gifted psychic. He exuded calmness, wisdom and had a knowledge of the workings of the human heart that left me filled with wonder.

Since meeting him all those years ago, he has become a friend full of wisdom and sageness. Every time I come across one of his posts online, they fill me with the calmness that he exudes, and I have epiphanies about myself and the life I am trying to live. He comes from a place of caring and honesty and there is so much truth to his words.

When I heard that he was publishing a book, I immediately got myself a copy. The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts is exactly that. Each page holds one thought, one moment, that asks you to stop and reflect on what those words mean to you. It really is a book of teachings and though they are brief, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t powerful.

I meant to read the book one page at a time, but I just kept reading. With each page, I found myself nodding and having moments of reflection within myself. It was like each page was a pebble that was dropped into the well within me. Each pebble caused ripples that are even now still radiating outward.

The advice in this book may seem simple, but they pack a wallop.  A prime example of one of those thoughts is on page 67. It’s one I keep returning to: Knowledge isn’t really power. Wisdom is power. Wisdom is knowledge tempered by experience. Knowledge is power is one of the phrases I use in my day-to-day life, my thirst for knowledge and learning is never ending. I can’t describe what it was like reading that page for the first time was like. I just closed the book and sat with my thoughts, my whole mind filled with new paths and new ways of thinking.

The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts isn’t merely a daybook or something you can dip into when spirit calls. It’s a book that hands you little pebbles of light and you get to watch as the wisdom that you’ve absorbed from this powerful little book changes your life an makes you rethink the world around you and your place in it.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book. It’s filled with light, love, wisdom and joy and its just waiting for you to open the cover and dive right in.

Get a copy HERE.

The Sky Within My Heart – A Poem

I’m standing in a line,

the people in front

winding away from me

into the shadows like

a serpent, their features

unseen though the mist

that fills the air.

A man approaches me,

his features distinct

with large blue eyes,

curling brown hair

falling to his shoulders.

“What is the worst thing about you?”

He asks me, his voice soft

as if each word were formed

from honey or some elixir.

“I live with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy,”

I tell him.

He nods and the asks,

“What is the best thing about you?”

I think about it for a moment,

the answer forming itself in my mind.

“That I live with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.”

His blue eyes widen, and I wonder

if I will fall into them.

“Why are they the worst and the best?”

He asks, genuinely wanting

to know the answer.

“Because whatever my disease and disability took from me, they also taught me what to truly be thankful for.”

He blinks and nods once,

as if a decision has been made.

Holding out an arm, he says

“Come with me, please. I will take you to the oracle.”

We walk away from the mist covered serpent

and he takes me to a door.

He knocks once upon it,

producing the sounds of bells ringing

somewhere in the distance.

Pushing open the door,

He gives me a smile.

“The oracle will see you now.”

I nod, giving him a smile of thanks,

and step into the room.

The door disappears behind me

and I find myself in a small meadow.

I can hear the sounds of water.

Making my way towards that sound,

I walk until the shoreline shows itself,

the shadow of a person becoming

clearer with each step I take.

Soon, I realize that it is a woman

dressed in white robes, her red hair

shining red and gold in the sun.

I go to stand next to her.

Though she says nothing,

the smile that she gives me

fills me with warmth.

I find myself embracing her

in a hug and can feel the warmth from her,

as if she is sun itself.

She holds me and when she steps away,

I can feel the warmth still from her touch.

She smiles and nods,

points to my stomach

and raises her eyebrows

as if in a question.

I nod and say

“Yes, go ahead. I trust you.”

As I say the words, I realize

that that they are true and

I can still feel the warmth from her.

She puts a hand to my stomach,

waits a moment, then moves her hand away

When she does, I can see a black mass,

thick like an oily sludge,

as it is being pulled from me.

As she continues to pull,

the mass envelops her

until all I can see is her face.

It’s wearing a mask of concentration.

She smiles at me and the blackness ends,

no longer coming from within.

Nodding her head as if satisfied,

she breathes on the black mass,

much as a mother would blow upon a wound

to help it to heal

and I watch as it changes,

as the blackness lessens to a grayness,

then a whiteness. It looks as if she

holds the clouds in her hands.

Gifting me another smile,

she takes a little bit of the cloud like substance

and places it inside me.

Then she places the rest of it,

that mass that was black like a cancer

but is now pure white,

into the water. I stand there,

touching the part of my chest

near my heart where she placed the sky

within me. Every time my heart beats,

I can feel the brightness of the sky

responding in kind.

We watch as the clouds sink into the water.

When they emerge, the world around us is filled with light

reflecting of the surface of the water.

She motions to my heart and then to the water,

wanting me to understand that

they are one and the same.

We stand there, watching a miracle unfold,

and I can hear the sounds of birdcall

in the distance.

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