Make a Wish! Starlight, Starbright is Out Now!

My new romance novel Starlight, Starbright is out now! I’m so excited for you all to read it! Here’s a bit about the book:

Jackson is a writer. He is used to living out his fantasies of true love and magic in the worlds that he creates; everyone knows that magic doesn’t happen in real life. His roommate Clarke tells Jackson that she’s worried about him and he should live more.

Before going to bed, he wishes on a star for love, true love. The next morning, a man appears at his door, bringing with him a particular kind of magic. Will this fallen star be able to show Jackson love? Or will his idea of what love can be remain on the printed page?

You can get your copy by clicking here:

So, go ahead! Make a wish!

The Sun from Within – A Poem

It was as if we had met before,

or known each other from

some other moment in time

that had yet to become.

The light inside of you

recognized the light within me.

Over time,

I’ve watched you grow into

the most amazing human being

and your light has only grown brighter.

Though there have been times

where your light has dimmed,

hiding behind the clouds

that weaved in and out of your life,

I could always see it shining

underneath your skin.

You carry the sun within you,

so strong and bright does your light shine

that I can’t help but be changed by it.

When I am in your presence,

I am lifted up and overjoyed

and my light intensifies and grows stronger.

When I hear your voice,

it brightens my dark days

and shows me the goodness

that hides within my shadows.

Even when we don’t fill

the air around us with words,

I can hear the low hum of music

that resides within you.

The music reminds me of the melody

that the sun makes,

a wordless tune of brilliance and joy

that warms the soul from within.

This is the effect that you have on others.

My life is so much better,

so much brighter,

because I know you.

Thank you for your brightness

and for the song and light

that you give to the world.

Thank you for you

and the sun from


The Glass from Within – A Poem

A part of me broke today.

I heard it clatter to the ground,

letting out a soft clink!.

It left a crater in the cement around it,

which told of its true weight.

Looking down at it,

I wondered if the piece of me

would fit back where it was before

or if it was best left behind?

I examined my skin for holes

and I found one in my midsection.

Though there was no visible hole,

I could feel the wound through touch.

Trying to gauge the depth,

to determine how deep into me it went,

I dislodged two more pieces.

They landed with soft clunks!,

but the ground around me

looked as if it were covered in craters.

Looking at them,

they twinkled back up at me,

seemingly filled with wishes and fairy dust,

but I saw something deep within them,

something that belied the darkness within.

I bent down to pick up the three pieces.

They looked like glass,

but were much heavier.

I held one up to the light

and I could see within it

a kaleidoscope of emotions:

the first one held anger,

so much of it that the swirls within

were all red and frothy,

like a turbulent sea.

The second one held sadness,

deep like the ocean,

and a blue so dark it was almost black.

When I looked into the third piece,

I saw memories that I had carried with me,

snapshots of moments that had shaped me.

I saw the hurt and the sadness,

witnessed each moment

as if I lived it once more.

Taking my eye from the third shard of glass,

I wished for something to cleanse me,

for anything to make me feel more human.

I wanted to let the anger go to the wind

and though I felt the sadness holding on to me,

I wanted to be able to let go.

I heard a sound,

a soft tinkle this time.

Looking down,

I saw a bowl filled with water.

It winked up at me from in front of my feet.

Without thinking,

I let the three pieces that had fallen out of me

fall into the bowl.

They landed with a watery bolup! sound.

I watched as the yellow, red and blue

began to seep out of the glass.

The water was filled with a murky brown colour,

so dark that it was almost black.

I heard another sound,

and it was almost as if someone had let out a sigh.

I wondered if it had been me.

When I reached into the bowl to retrieve the glass pieces,

I saw that they had all become clear again,

except for little tinges of colour,

small remnants of what they had once been.

I put them in my pocket and,

as I walked home,

I could hear the soft music they made

that sounded like bells

and wishes yet

to be made.

The Story Within My Self – Love and Lemonade Out Now!

Frong CoverHere’s the thing: Although I’m open about having multiple sclerosis, I was hesitant to create a character in one of my novels that had MS.

I was approached by a friend at one point. He asked me if I was going to write about a character that had multiple sclerosis. I told him that no, I wasn’t going to. I already blogged about it, that was enough, or so I thought at the time.

I’ve written over thirty romance novels and there wasn’t one disabled person in the massive cast of characters. They were fantasy, I told myself. There was no reason to put real life in fantasy, there was no place for it, no need. I’ve also written a multitude of short stories and other novels and no one was disabled in any of them either.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with MS, I began to write poetry. I wrote about the disease within those words because it felt safe. It wasn’t a novel; it wasn’t something someone turned to for escapism. It enabled me to write about what I had within me; it gave me a way to escape. I had the poetry I wrote and the blog. That would have to be enough.

Except that it wasn’t. I turn to books for comfort like a lot of people do. None of the books I was reading had any disabled characters or people living with chronic illness. I began to wonder if I could tackle that, if I could create a character that had MS.

I came to the realization that I was afraid to do that. I had held off writing about a character with MS because I was afraid. Of what? I wondered if it would change the way that I wrote. I knew that I would have to pull from my own experiences, my own life. I wrote about my path with MS in my memoir, Little Yellow Magnet, but I knew that if I was going to write a character with MS that it had to be true.

Most authors put a little of themselves into each character and I’ve always done this. However, writing this character would be all of me within a fictional world, blurring the lines between the different genres and types of writing that I do. I decided to go for it.

I was working on the third book in my Lemonade Series. It dealt with life, real life, and was grounded in reality, so I thought it would be a perfect stage to put my character in. The novel deals with all kinds of love and relationships and I wanted to really show what it would be like to date in the gay community if you live with a disability or chronic illness.

I had one moment where I was going to write about someone in a wheelchair but in the end, I decided to write what I knew. I knew nothing about being in a wheelchair. I created Zack. He had the red hair and green eyes that I always wanted when I was young. Hey, it’s a novel, so there has to be some fantasy, right? However, he would be living with MS.

It was freeing writing Zack’s character. To me, he represented everything that a person living with a chronic illness or disability is: courageous. In Zack, I put my zest for life, my fierce drive to succeed and my desire to find love. Thankfully, I’ve found love with my husband, but I well remember what it was like when I was in the dating world. I tried to capture that in Zack and his story.

While I love all three novels in the Lemonade Series, Love and Lemonade holds a special place in my heart. It’s the novel where I was the most truthful with a character, where I was finally represented in a story, where all of me was present and accounted for.

Check out the trailer created by my publisher Renaissance Press!

I do hope you find out what happens with Zack and company. You can find Love and Lemonade at the following places:

Renaissance Press Paperback:

Renaissance Press eBook: Paperback and eBook:

Barnes and Noble:

And if you do read it, I’d really appreciate a review!

Tomorrow! Two New Releases!

Tomorrow brings two new releases! How amazing is that?

Frong CoverThe first is Love and Lemonade, the third book in the Lemonade Series! You will final be able to find out what happens and how everything ends (for now)! This trilogy has taken so long to complete. The characters have been in my head for over ten years and it’s been a joy to tell their story and to find out where everyone would end up.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

Blaine and his friends haven’t always been lucky in love. They’ve fumbled throughout lust, hoping to find their hearts desire, or at least a good lay. They have made their way through life, stumbling a few times, and have finally found their way to comfort and acceptance…Or have they? There are all kinds of love in the world and Blaine and his friends will have to find the love that works for them.

You can order the paperback here:

You can get your ebook here:

Also coming out tomorrow is Nothing Without Us. This anthology is very special to me. Itfca677c96021985529825f993890458827c80e13.jpg features my story titled The Descent and it’s about a wizard travelling to see an oracle. It’s only the second time that I’ve written about multiple sclerosis in fiction and I’m so very proud of this story and the anthology.

Here’s a bit about the book:

We are the heroes, not the sidekicks.

“Can you recommend fiction that has main characters who are like us?” This is a question we who are disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness ask way too often. Typically, we’re faced with stories about us crafted by people who really don’t get us. We’re turned into pathetic, tragic souls; we merely exist to inspire the abled main characters to thrive; or even worse, we’re to overcome “what’s wrong with us” and be cured.

Nothing Without Us combines both realistic and speculative fiction, starring protagonists who are written “by us and for us.” From hospital halls to jungle villages, from within the fantastical plane to deep into outer space, our heroes take us on a journey, make us think, and prompt us to cheer them on.

These are bold tales, told in our voices, which are important for everyone to experience.

You can order the paperback here:

And you can order the ebook here:

I hope you can come with me on both of these journey’s! Tomorrow will be a banner day for me and I’m so thrilled to have you along for the ride!

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