Life and Lemonade – The Cover!


Check it out everyone!

I am so thrilled to show off the cover of Life and Lemonade, Book Two in the Lemonade Series. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!

Nathan Frechette did an AMAZING job. His artistry skills are out of this world. He really brought my characters to life!

Here’s a bit about the book:

Blaine and his friends have all found love, but there are others who aren’t so lucky. In a world filled with all kinds of relationships, some of them can heal while others can hurt. Blaine and his friends must find their way around their relationships, new and old, if they are to make sense of the world around them. Sometimes love pulls people together, even when life is trying to push them apart. All is fair in love and war…but sometimes, life gets in the way.

Not only that, you get to see the fancy things that everyone had to say about my little book. Check out the lovely quotes I got from some amazing authors:

“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!”

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Women of the Otherworld Series.

“It was like Season 2 of my favourite series got released and I had to binge-watch it. Jamieson Wolf takes us deeper into the lives of Blaine and his crew, and it’s so hard to stop reading what comes next!”

 Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ’Cosm

“Walk through the lives of friends and lovers.  Feel the joy and the sorrow, the fear and the victory.  Mr. Wolf has captured the real lives of these characters.  You will laugh and cry and curse and cheer along with them.  And I promise, you will fall in love with them – as I have.”

Dava Gamble, Author of Jade Ascent and Jade Bestowed

“A frothy, big-hearted, romantic delight, with grit and steel at its core, and told in every colour of love in the rainbow.”

Stephen Graham King, Best Selling Author of Soul’s Blood and Gatecrasher

“Jameson takes the big—and little—moments of life and infuses them with such a wonderfully queer reality. The older aren’t necessarily wiser, the younger aren’t necessarily the go-getters, and the end result is a sense of living, breathing chosen family that charms.”

Nathan Burgoine, Best Selling Author of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks and Triad Blood

I am eternally grateful to the other authors that read Life and Lemonade and had such kind things to say!

We’re one step closer to publication!



The Tree We Grow – A Poem

*Tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary with my Husband Michael. This poem is for him. I love you! 🙂tree


I always tell people

that you are my Prince.

In my mind,

you arrived within the Dark Forest

upon your steed.

There was a light that shone from you,

and all I could do

was stare as your heart

reached out to touch mine.

I always tell people

that you are my Knight.

You are forever shining your light

within the shadows that surround me,

to show me what I am truly capable of.

You charge ahead,

my biggest supporter and ally

in this world we find ourselves in.

I always tell people

that there are not enough words

to say how beautiful you are.

To you, I say

I give you my heart.

In my mind,

I gave it to you last year

when you gave me yours.

To you, I say

you are a part of me

and you are a bright light

that continues to make my life shine.

To you, I say

that if there was a word that was bigger than love,

I feel that for you.

I love you with my whole spirit,

my whole mind,

my whole body.

You are everything to me

and knowing that this is but one branch

upon a tree that has so far left to grow

fills me with joy.

You have rewritten the cosmos

and I am so thankful for


Walking the Walk


Hey Everyone!

On April 29th, I will be waling the walk!

I will be walking in the Mandarin MS Walk in Ottawa. I will be doing 5KM and this will be my fifth year taking part in the walk. It’s such a wonderful day filled with friends and family and thousands of people all walking for a good cause.

The funds raised through the walk will go towards research that will find a cure. As someone living with Multiple Sclerosis, I hope they find a cure for the disease in my lifetime.

I’ve been asked why I do the MS Walk. Well, that’s a two-part answer.

When I first did the MS Walk, I did the 3KM. I walked to prove that I could do it. When I was first struck with MS, I was bedridden for more than a month. As I started getting better, I had to train myself to do what I had done without thinking before: taking a shower, walking, speaking, typing. Everything was a battle that I was only too willing to take on.

I had seen advertisements for the MS Walk and, on a whim, decided to join. I was immediately filled with fear. I didn’t know if I could walk 3KM, had only just started walking without the aid of my cane.

Thankfully, I was walking with a team of incredible people that helped inspire me and support me. They knew that I could do it, so I believed in myself. When I crossed the finish line, I felt that I had proven something to myself and that I was capable of more than I thought possible.

Now, as I take on my fifth MS Walk, I walk for those that can’t. There are so many others that are worse off than I am, that can’t walk or have difficulty doing so. I walk for everyone who suffers from MS and everyone who is affected by the disease.

I walk because I can.

This year, I’m trying to raise $1,000. The donations raised will go towards research that will find a cure that I hope will be in my lifetime. If you feel like donating, please do. Any amount helps! Or if you are in Ottawa and feel like walking with The Wolf Pack, come walk with me!

Learn more here:

Thanks Everyone!

Sparkle on!

Thorns of a Rose – A Flash Fiction Story

3635165958_e6dd8ccb5e_mShe hadn’t meant to kill him.

Looking over at Oliver, she said: “Olie, I didn’t mean to kill him.”

Oliver sighed.

Rose wondered how he could communicate so much with one sigh. The sigh communicated displeasure, unrest, anger and exasperation all at once.

Oliver was the master of the sigh.

“Honest, I didn’t. I thought it was cocoa powder, honest and true.”

Oliver sighed and finished this sigh with a “Humph!” He must clearly be angry.

They walked along the dirt road, with nary a horse and cart in sight. They had been passed by some farmers bringing their wares to market some time ago, but they had been the only people that they had seen for some time.

Rose tried again. “Look, Olie. I think we’re in the clear. The fact that his regiment haven’t come after us mean that they haven’t found his body yet.”

“After you, you mean.”

Scuffing her boot on the dirt and kicking at a tree stump that was snaking through the dirt, Rose tried to sound nonchalant and innocent. “I don’t know what you are referring to.” Aw crumbs. She sounded snobbish, not innocent.

“You know exactly what I mean! You couldn’t keep from killing him. Why do you have to kill everybody that employs you? Why, Rose?”

She began walking again to catch up to Oliver. “I don’t mean to! But all these men forget that a rose has thorns. I have to remind them!”

“Yes, but why don’t you remind them by yelling at them or breaking a dish? Why must you remind them by taking their lives?”

Now it was her turn to “Humph!” She let out a breath. “Because that wouldn’t feel the sting of my thorns if I merely broke their chamber pot, now would they? Where would be the fun in that?”

Oliver grabbed hold of Rose’s shoulder to stop her in her steps. “Killing people isn’t fun, Rose.”

She gave him a devilish grin. “You’ve obviously been doing it wrong.”

Letting out a growl, Oliver said “Killing isn’t a game!”

“And neither is survival!” She looked at him with bright blue eyes. “Didn’t you swear to do whatever you needed to do in order to keep me safe? Didn’t you tell our parents that?”

“Yes, but you weren’t killing people at that point.”

“True,” She said. “My first one wasn’t until the next moon.”

“Why did he have to go again?”

“Because he called me a trollop. Me! A trollop! I’m only nine years old.”

Oliver scoffed. “You were trying to take his coin purse when you were supposed to be cleaning the silver. I don’t think he meant trollop in the biblical sense.”

“Even so, saying it and thinking it are two different things.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked up at him. “He might as well have called me a whore.”

“And what about the next one, or the man after that?”

She batted her eyes. To Oliver, it looked as if her eyelashes were spiders trying to find purchase on her face. “They disrespected me.” Rose said. “And I had to teach them a rose has thorns.”

Oliver threw up his hands and let out a loud, guttural roar. “What about this time? And don’t tell me that you didn’t mean to kill him!”

“I didn’t. Honestly and truly I didn’t.”

Oliver gave her a stern look. “Rose, you’ve killed every employer that you’ve ever had.” He sighed. “Why is this time different?”

He didn’t think that Rose would answer him, that she would keep the secret to herself. To Oliver’s surprise, she spoke.

“I loved him.” Rose said softly.

‘Him’ had been Prince Franklin Artemis Rogus Tegaine. He was a princeling of only twelve moons. Rose had been hired to answer the princelings every demand. Rose and the Princeling had become close. Apparently, very close.

“You didn’t poison him?”

“No, truly I didn’t. I was making him a cup of cocoa, just as I said. I chose the yellow glass jar just like always, the one with the label on the front with the drawing of a cup and saucer drawn on parchment.” She reached inside the pockets of her apron.

“But there was something hidden beneath. See?”

Rose held out the jar to Oliver and he took it. It was indeed a yellow jar with a wooden lid. On the front of the jar was the drawing of a cup and saucer. However, the parchment seemed to be coming away from the jar.

“Did you look at what’s under the parchment?” Oliver asked.

“No,” Rose said. “That jar is always the jar for his cocoa. I didn’t even think to look.”

Ever so slowly, Oliver pulled away the piece of parchment and handed it to Rose with shaking hands. They looked down at the jar. With the parchment free, they saw that the jar what was written upon the jar.

“It’s the skull and crossbones, only the skull is drawn in the shape of a rat’s head.” Rose said.

“Rat poison.” Oliver whispered.

“See, I was telling the truth! I didn’t know it was poison!”

Oliver pulled Rose closer. “Rose, do you know what this means?”

She shook her head. “No. What can it mean?”

“It means that there was someone in the castle that wished him harm. They knew your habits, what jar you got the cocoa out of. They knew your movements.” He gasped as something occurred to him. “Perhaps they even knew about the men you’ve already killed.”

Looking down at the jar in his hand, he shivered. “It means there is a traitor to the throne in the castle.”

Before Rose could respond, there was a noise of hooves on the dirt road. Someone let loose a battle cry from a horn. There was the sound of hounds as well.

It seemed the king’s men had found them at last.

You Are Everything Wonderful – A Poem

sparkle Tomorrow is the 4 year Anniversary of when I first met my Husband. Our first wedding anniversary is on the 15th of April, but I didn’t want to let the day that I met him pass by with telling him how much he means to me.

You’ve given me the world and you have re-written my life. I am so thankful for you. I love you, Michael, beyond what words can say.


You are a wonder to me.

I look at the life

that we have built together

and it is like something out of

my dreams somehow made real.

You are joy to me.

Everything that is good in the world

can be summed up in your touch

or the sound of your voice

as you say my name.

You are timeless to me.

I’m amazed that we have

somehow mastered the art of time travel.

How else to explain that

each day with you feels like minutes,

every month with you feels like mere hours,

and that four years has passed by

in the space and time of a heartbeat?

Together, we are but a symphony

that has just begun to play,

a story at the beginning of a new chapter.

You are everything wonderful

and because of you,

I believe in Magic.

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