Safe in the Forest – A Poem

I find myself back

at the edge

of the forest.

After taking only a few steps

past the line of trunks

who bend toward me as if

welcoming me home

do I realize that

this is not my forest.

The trees are fresh and new

and there is no blood dripping

from the leaves.

I can see the multi-coloured

jade and emerald of the leaves

and it brings me hope

as I walk deeper

into the forest.

I find you

at the end of a pathway,

looking into the shadows

of the trees.

You look at me and take my hand.

I hold on to you,

hoping that I can keep you from harm,

but I know that it

has already happened.

You would not be here

if you were fine.

As you look into the shadows,

becoming acquainted with

what lays inside of you,

I silently promise

that I will pay the blood toll

when the leaves come to collect.

I will hold out my arms

when the trees

come to wrap their vines around you.

I will pull you from the sludge

when the mudslides try to cover your body

so that you cannot breathe.

I’ve lived in the forest for so long now,

but this is your first time.

I hold onto your hand

and I promise to

keep you


Stars, Light and Wisdom – A Poem

*For Christine

You are made of light.

It shines outward

and I know that it emanates

from your spirit.

You are the stars given shape,

Spirit given form.

Ove the years that I’ve known you,

I’ve watched as your wings started to grow,

hesitantly at first, one feather at a time,

testing the air that would support them.

As I looked at you today,

your life about to change

with a new journey ahead of you,

I could see your wings

out of the corner of my eyes.

Gone were the little wings

that used to flutter

at your shoulder blades.

Now, your wings are now full grown,

made of the whitest feathers

tinted with the lightest hue of blue,

the colour of wisdom, intelligence and prosperity.

I know you are ready for the moment

when you take that leap

because your wings will hold you

as you find your way to flight.

I will be able to look up

and see you, filling the sky

with stars, light and wisdom

and everything that wishes

are made of when they

come true.

Smoke Memories – A Poem

I’m going through

the photo album

contained in my mind.

I come across photos

I’ve held onto,

ones that show me

from a past long ago.

In the pictures,

I look uncomfortable

in the body that

I’m expected to inhabit,

one that came with expectations

of who I was

and what I was

supposed to be.

Even though I left home

so many years ago,

I’ve carried these scant memories,

wanting some kind of talisman

or touchstone to remind me

of where I came from.

Looking at the photos,

at my face and body language,

I see the shame that I carried with me,

so desperate I was

to fit in,

to hide,

to not be seen.

It was easier that way.

I left when I realized

that was the easier option

rather than sacrifice myself.

I take out the handful of photos

that I’ve kept,

and I flip through them.

In each successive picture,

my image becomes more

and more transparent.

In the last photo,

I am not even there.

In my mind,

I hold the photos

and my hands grow hot.

The fire I have created

engulfs the photos in a flame

that burns so brightly

until there is only smoke.

I take a deep breath in.

When I let my breath flow out

past my lips,

I let the smoke

float into the sky

and say goodbye

to the me that

I used to know

because I’m finally able

to let go.

Much Excite! with Cait Gordon

A little while ago, I had the honour of being on the first episode of Much Excite! with author extraordinaire Cait Gordon. I got to talk to her about my novel Queen of Swords and the path I have taken to tell the story.

Tune in below! It was such a fun time and I’m so honoured that Cait wanted to speak to me about my book.

The Esotoracle Issue Eight!

I’ve been a long-time fan of The Esotoracle magazine.

Published in the United Kingdom, it is a wealth of information on Tarot, different decks, ways to read oracle cards and anything under the sun having to do with spirituality and divination. I’ve loved diving into each issue and learning something more about myself and my journey with spirituality.

I’m honoured to have an article that I wrote about my novel Queen of Swords included in the newest issue! When I was asked to submit something, I was overjoyed. I’ve loved The Esotoracle since it’s inception and I’m so excited to have my article in the newest issue.

When you read my article, you learn a little bit more about how I went about writing a book that was based on the Major Arcana and how I chose the direction of the story in Queen of Swords, much like I would draw a card from a Tarot deck.


You can get your copy here:

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