Memoriam for a Star – A Poem

StarThis is my fourth Pay It Forward offering. It’s for my cherished friend Brenda who passed away recently. I love you Brenda. You were a kindred spirit and you will always be remembered.


You were stardust given shape.

There was a light that glowed from within;

it shone on all that knew you.

Never have I known someone

who was so full of life,

so full of light.

Every time you looked upon me,

I could see it in your eyes

that you were completely present,

the light from within you

glowing like embers

in your gaze.

You lived with exuberance,

wanting to experience

all that life had to offer you.

Though your life was difficult,

you never let that light

that was within you fade,

never let it go away into the shadows.

You only looked upon the world

with eyes that saw only

the beautiful things in life.

When we travelled together,

the trips were a joy

not because of where we were,

but because you were with us.

I will always remember

riding down a road,

the hot air all around us,

all of us in a pink 1954 Cadillac.

I was in the front seat

and I looked back at you.

Your arms were thrown above your head,

and you let out a cry of absolute joy.

There were stars that streamed

from your fingers

to join the other in the sky.

I will remember you that way,

I will hear your laughter

and taste your joy upon my tongue

as it filled up the air around us.

You were stardust given shape

and now you reside in the stars

looking down upon us.

Whenever I think of you,

I will look to the starry sky

to see if I can spot you,

shining brighter than

all the rest.

Brenda in Veradero  Cuba. 

The Timeless Spark – A Poem

The first time you held my hand,Spark

time stood still for us.

When our hands touched,

a spark ran along our skin,

and time ceased to matter.

Within that spark are memories

It holds them like photos

that it has been collecting

throughout our time together;

Within the spark that we have created

is the first time we kissed

and the first time you told me

that you loved me,

and the first time we travelled together,

stardust following us wherever we went.

Flipping through the memories,

I spot one that shines brighter than most.

It is the day when

you became my husband.

I set it down upon my skin

and watch as it pulses softly

with a light all its own.

You take my hand

and the spark now sits

between our two hands.

I look at you and wonder

what kind of magic

exists between us so that

years have passed and yet

it still feels as if we are living

within our first moment,

held safe in the spark

that passes along our skin.

As we celebrate another milestone,

and we begin our second year

as husbands, lovers and best friends,

I am so thankful

for the spark that led me to you.

Our love is timeless.

Looking at you,

the light of the spark

reflecting off of your skin,

I fall in love with you

all over again

and can’t wait to dance through time

with you by my side.

Nothing Without Us – An Anthology

54521649_10155779768371529_7661270492606627840_o.jpgI’m thrilled to announce that one of my stories will be appearing in the anthology Nothing Without Us.

I’m so honoured to have a story chosen for the anthology. It really is the first of its kind featuring stories about people with disabilities, written by people with disabilities and produced by people with disabilities. Within this book, characters with disabilities are the main character and deal with life head on. It’s a multi-genre, own-voice anthology of fiction stories with protagonists who are disabled, deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness.

It features stories by the following authors:NWU-Front-Cover.jpg

From the Editors


The Bellwoods Golem, by Aus Bahadur

Knit One, Purl Two, Carolyn Charron

Names, by Jennifer Lee Rossman

Mafia Butterfly, by Raymond Luczak

Dress Rehearsal, by Nicole Zelniker

The Descent, by Jamieson Wolf

Bug Hunt, by Joanna Marsh

Oliver Gutierrez and the Walking Stick of Destiny, by Elliot Dunstant

Crutch. Cage, Sword, Kerfuffle, by Dorothy Palmer

Iron Bone, by J. Ivanel Johnson

Sometimes You…, by Tonya Libard

Search and Seizure, by Shannon Barnsley

Backbone, by Madona Skaff

The Case of the Silenco Scientist, by Maverick Smith

Flight, by George Zancola

Panic in Paradise, by Diana Koerner

The Blessing Cookies, by Laurie Stewart

Jungle Demon, by Tom Johnson

The Living Among the Dead, by Tasha Fierce

Alone, by Nathan Frechette

No Room at the Inn, by Emily Gillespie

Charity™, by Derek Newman-Stille


But here’s the thing. It needs your help. There is a Kickstarter campaign! You can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here:

We’re about half way there but could use your help with getting to the finish line! This really is the first anthology of its kind and it would be an honour to see it out there in the world!

You can also learn more at the Nothing Without Us Facebook group!

Or at Renaissance Press:


Five Years to Forever – A Poem

Five years ago,Rainbow sun

I had no way of knowing

that my life was

about to change.

There were no rainbows

around the sun,

no miraculous sightings of

wonderful and mysterious things,

no whisperings of magic.

There was nothing

to indicate how amazing

the day was about to become.

When I walked into the coffee shop,

I had no idea

that my life was about to change,

there was no flute music or the song of birds

and there was no soft sepia glow

cast over everything.

However, there was you.

I was enraptured by your smile,

by the sound of your voice

that reached into me.

I heard it not only around me

but your voice spoke to my heart

so that I heard your words within me.

I was intrigued by the warmth in your eyes

as they changed from grey to blue to green.

You had me entranced.

Though I am a writer of romance,

I did not believe in love at first sight

until I met you.

I thought for sure that

there must be some mistake,

that there was no way

I could love you so quickly,

but with each passing hour,

and each day that progressed,

the love I have for you

has only grown.

It is as if every moment,

every second, minute, hour and day,

had been preparing me

for when I met you.

I know that we are only

five years into our journey,

that this is a mere drop

in the bucket of time,

but I can’t wait to spend my life with you

as we make our way towards



The Element of You – A Poem

smallYou are like the air,

carrying with it

the scent of star anise,

always raising me up

so that I can learn to fly.

You are like the earth,

revealing a path forward

when I lose my way,

helping me to find a different way

to where I always wanted to go.

You are like water,

a deep brook running over rocks,

deep and full of life,

its surface like a mirror,

which holds a depth of soul

that knows no bounds.

You are like sweet fire

that burns beyond your body,

and fills you with a courage

that knows no limit.

It chases away the shadows

so that we can truly see you.

There is a fierceness within you,

a courage that knows no bounds

and I am in awe of you.

Surrounding all of this is your spirit.

It shines brighter than the fire

that you carry within you,

then the air that surrounds you

or the grass that sprouts from the ground

with every step you take.

It is more potent than the water

that runs through it all.

It shines bright above all of this,

a gorgeous star that sparkles brightly.

This is your spirit

and we can see it mot clearly

in your eyes or hear it in your voice

when you laugh.

You inspire others to be better people

and our lives are better

for knowing



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