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More about Lust and Lemonade

“Whew! I couldn’t put this book down. Felt like I binged-watched a show on Netflix. The characters drew me in and I want to be their friend! I wish I could call upon them when I’m in an relationship emergency, too. Bring the lemonade and I’ll bring the cupcakes. Looking forward to seeing what’s next. I’ll be in line for the next book in the series!”
Cait Gordon, author of Life in the ‘Cosm

“Loved this first novel by Jamieson Wolf! Reading it felt exactly like watching a good queer TV show, just like Queer as Folk or Eastsiders. I highly recommend it!”
Caroline Fréchette, author of Some Assembly Required and the Family by Choice Series

“Jamieson Wolf has always been a favorite author of mone, his characters seeming to jump off the page into real life. The challenges they face could easily be our own and I love the way they support each other. I would love to visit these characters again in a future story.”
Diane Hartsock, Bestselling Author of The Shed, Nicolas, and Sweet William

“Right from the first sentence, I became a fly on the wall while the characters found love, lost love, figured out how to love again, and discovered parts of themselves they thought were gone forever. Lust and Lemonade is a fun yet realistic read. Looking forward to more!”
Laurie Boris, Bestselling Author of A Sudden Gust of Gravity, Sliding Past Vertical, and Playing Charlie Cool

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