Three New Books Published!

I have three new books out! I know! Isn’t that CRAZY?

I’m super thrilled that Books We Love has put out a Jamieson Wolf Special Edition! How cool is that? A Special Edition eBook! The Jamieson Wolf Special Edition contains Hope Falls, The Raven’s Curse and Witchcraft and Anchovies. Even better, you get three novels for the price of two!

You can find here:

These are three of my favourite novels that I’ve written and to have them all together in one publication is just beyond awesome. I really hope you enjoy them!

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have the first two books in the Electric Trilogy published by Books We Love!

I’m so thrilled about these releases and can’t wait to share the trilogy with you. You can get your copy of Electric Pink here:

And you can get your copy of Electric Blue here:

But what is the Electric Trilogy all about? Well, here’s a bit about Electric Pink:

David Chandler wants to settle down after a life on the road and write the great novel that he knows in inside him. He wants a life of quiet. However, things don’t always go as planned…

Living downstairs from him is a witch named Karma, his best friend Poppy announces she’s a lesbian, his mother Honey has met a new man and has left his father and his boyfriend Jethro has turned dark and broody. 

When disaster strikes, ending Jethro’s life, David thinks that he will finally get the quiet he is looking for. However, when Jethro comes back from the dead and his mother moves into a house haunted by a malicious spirit, things really begin to get interesting. 

We are all electric pink inside…

And here’s a bit about Electric Blue:

Poppy Stone is restless. Working at an art gallery and barley able to make ends meet, she is growing tired of life. She knows that there is something out there for her, something more.

She begins to search for the father that she never knew and tries to reform a relationship with her estranged mother. As she searches for her father, she learns a secret about her past that could shatter her world as she knows it.

As she confronts her past, all her friends will be at her side. David, Orlando, Honey, Jose, Karma, Jason, Star, Alicia, Moe; the gangs all here. Poppy will need all the help she can get. When she learns the secrets within her past, they could be her


So how cool is that? The finale to the Electric Trilogy will be coming early next year! I can’t wait for all for you to delve in and enjoy this trilogy. I had such a great time

You can get the Jamieson Wolf Special Edition here:

You can get Electric Pink here:

And you can get your copy of Electric Blue here:

I do hope you enjoy the books. Remember, we are ell electric inside…

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