Night of Stars Release Day! Who wants FREE eBooks?



Today is the release day for Night of Stars: The Deep Woods Book Three! It will be available from Cobblestone Press later today!

How cool is that? I’m so thrilled that the last book in the trilogy is finally out and everyone can finally find out what happens to Nicholas! Woot!

Here’s a bit about the novella:

Salem, 1692

Nicolas no longer recognizes his life. Having been given his heart’s desire in the form of his best friend Jackson, he has been told that he is a Guardian of the earth and his magic must quicken. 

When Nicolas’ magic does quicken, the Guardians of Diana are threatened by the most dangerous of dark forces: the Shadows. They seek to destroy the Goddess and the very earth itself. 

Can Nicolas find the strength inside of him to use his magic and save humanity? 

Or will he lose the man he loves forever?

To celebrate, what better way than to give away free eBooks? I have five copies of each book to give away. That means that FIVE lucky people can win the entire trilogy! Woohoo!

What do you have to do to enter? Simple: Just leave a comment below in the comments section for this post by no later than midnight tonight (January 15th, EST) and tomorrow I’ll randomly pick five people! Easy peasy! The contest is open to all so spread the word!


5 Comments on “Night of Stars Release Day! Who wants FREE eBooks?

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      • Hello Sharon! Yep, I still have three sets of the trilogy to give away! Send me a note to jamiesonwolf at gmail dot com and let me know which format you’d like the books in (PDF, ePub, Mobi, etc) and I’ll send you copies of the trilogy! Yay!

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