Talking Poems: G and the D in an E

Talking Poems


Hey Everyone!

I’ve got a new poem up on Wattpad in my serial collection of poetry titled Talking Poems.

The new one is titled G and the D in an E and you can read it for free here:

Or you can read it below!

I had the idea for this poem after watching the movie Devil (a so so movie about five people in an elevator, each of their souls claimed by the Devil). The poem turned out way better than I thought it would and all I started with was the idea for the title.


G and the D in an E


When the elevator

doors opened, G

was already there.

We have to stop meeting like this. He said.

The D snorted.

I suppose you want to go up.

G inclined his head.

Yes, and I suppose you want to go down.

The D snorted again.

Where else is there for me to go? You sent me to this cesspool remember?

G’s voice was kind but stern.

Yes, I did, as you constantly remind me.

The D snorted

For a third time.

I hate it here. You know I can only get basic cable.

G inclined his head once more.

You know that the higher cable packages are only for the enlightened. Of which you are not.

The D grimaced.

You constantly remind me of that, too.

G smiled.

Yes. I do.

The D scowled.

Let’s go down.





There was steel in the D’s voice.

Let’s let the next wayward soul who boards decide our direction.

G nodded.

Fine. I am amenable to that.

The elevator stopped

and the doors

pinged and slid

open, revealing

a very sorry

looking man. He

had blood on

his clothes and

it was caked

into his fingernails.

Looks like we’re going down then?

The D’s words were full of smile.

G only smiled.

He let the

man covered in

blood onto the

elevator. Reaching out,

G took the

man’s hands in

his and looked

into his eye.

Do you repent? G said. Do you seek forgiveness for what you’ve done?

Tears leaked out

of the mans

eyes and they

were filled with

a beautiful light.

Yes. The man said. Yes.

The D snorted

as the elevator

began to move

upwards, filling with

light as it

went. The D

snorted a final

time, grimacing at G.

You use the same trick every time.

G smiled.

And yet, you fall for it every time, do you not?

The D growled

as the light

in the elevator

began to burn

and singe his


Bastard. The D said.





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