An Unexpected Novella – The Contestant

The Contestant Cover
I’m not quite sure how it happened but I wrote an unexpected novella. Since it was unexpected and not something I was actively working on (currently The Other Side of Oz), I thought I would give it away to you for free. How cool does that sound?

Here’s a bit about the novella titled The Contestant:

Poppy has always watched reality television. In a world that is controlled by the government and only the strong can survive, her future looks bleak. Like all citizens of Sparrow, she watches Haven on her Sparrow Approved Electronic Device, or SAED. When she receives the Calling at the age of sixteen however, she is about to enter the reality television show she has watched so much of-this time as a Contestant, not a viewer. Poppy will have to form her own reality if she has any hope of surviving.

When she begins to realize that not everyone could leave the reality show called Haven, Poppy wonders what those around her did to become free…

You can read the whole novella for free here:

How awesome is that? Enjoy The Contestant. There will be two more novella’s following shortly titled The Game Player and The Victor. Oh, and an eBook format! Sweet!



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