One Word – Side Tales 2

You could open any lock in the world, really. All you had to have was patience.

Which was something Daniel didn’t have a lot of-he would be the first to admit it. Which is why it had taken him such a long time to figure everything out. He had never been inside a library before. The shelves of books were intimidating and oppressive. He wondered why bookstores were far more enjoyable and thought that it probably had something to do with the exchange of money.

There were too many books to read, so he went with an eReader. What he read and learned had led him here. He hoped that his years of study hadn’t led him to ruin or failure. This lock was different. It had started with the books but then he had to understand what he read in order to find the word, he had to find the puzzle and then solve it. Seemed simple enough at first.

Turns out, not so much. But he had found it. Despite many hours of study and hardship, seven years of learning, practicing and teaching, he had found it. He looked down at the word on his eReader screen. That was it, the answer to the puzzle.

Daniel pressed the word on his eReader, it began to glow a soft, gorgeous purple followed by a comforting blue. This moved to lavender then to a light, effervescent blue. The screen faded and then grew brighter until he had to look away. Daniel wondered if he had put the brightness settings too high.

As the light began to dim, Daniel took his hand away from his eyes. The eReader was gone. In its place was a book. He opened it and words flowed across the page: where do you want to go?

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