Mythbound: The Argonaut’s Almanac Volume One by Darren Craske



Myths have been around for as long as time-but who knows where they really came from? People have always been telling stories, spinning tales since time began. But what if they were all real?

Eddie Sparks does not have it easy. After his father loses his job, he moves from London to Cornwall, transplanting him from the only life he knows. Not that it was any good. Eddie wants a do over.

When he get into trouble with some of the other students, his grades begin to suffer. One of his teachers, Mr. King, sees that Eddie is suffering. He gives Eddie the chance to make up some of his grades: he had the weekend to write a short paper on mythology and can illustrate the paper any way he pleases.

It’s this that inspires Eddie to run to the bookstore. If there is anything that brings Eddie solace, it is the sound of his pencil scratching on the paper that to him. He’s always drawn. In fact, it’s one of the reason’s he had gotten into trouble with Mr. King. It’s pretty bad when your passion in life brings you trouble. Eddie just doesn’t know how much trouble.

For when he gets to the bookstore, he finds that the caretaker is a man he’d seen before, a strange one eyed man. The caretaker claims that myths have a basis in fact. In fact, he offers Eddie a book called The Argonaut’s Almanac to help with his project. It holds all the myths in written form between its pages and, to Eddie’s delight, tons of illustrations.

When he goes to bed that night, his sleep is filled with myths and visions of a one eyed man. When he wakes, however, his world changes yet again: A man is sitting on his bed who calls himself Will Scarlet. Merlin has sent him to retrieve The Argonaut’s Almanac. Will requires Eddie’s help to take the book back to Merlin.

This is just the start of Eddie’s adventures. And things go from weird to bizarre pretty quickly. Eddie must act fast, with the balance of all the myths hanging in the balance…

Mythbound: The Argonaut’s Almanac Volume One by Darren Craske in one word? Awesome. More than one word? One of the best young adult novels I have ever read, period. Craske has always had a handle on plot and characters but this time around the story just shines.

Personally I think that has a lot to do with Eddie as a main character. You can’t help but like him and root for him as he works his way into the world of myth. Part of that has to do with the way that Eddie grows up and matures in the book. He is at once resourceful, endearing and someone to cheer for. Though he gets in trouble, he always finds his way out of it and into even bigger trouble (which makes for one heck of a book).

What surprised me most about Mythbound was the sheer size of its story. My meagre plot summary doesn’t even come close to covering the plot of the novel and nor should it. It’s a novel that should be experienced without a plot summary. So much happens in it and at breakneck speed that it goes beyond the realm of amazing and reaches for the incredible. This book is absolute magic from start to finish. A thrilling story told at a breakneck pace, fabulous characters that you really grow to care for and a fantastic plot that you will never see coming. What more could you ask for in one of the best young adult novels that I have ever read.

I can’t wait for book two! So what are you waiting for? Read this book and experience the magic and the myth.

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