Salutations – A Talking Poem

Talking Poems


Hey Everyone!

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See, this is why I didn’t tell people, they give me that face

She had just

told me she

was leaving, gone

before I knew

it, a spot

of brightness taken

from the day.

I didn’t know. I said, I would have gotten you a card.

That’s nice. But I’ll see you again. So I’ll just say salutations.


 Yeah. Isn’t that what the spider says to the pig in Charlottes web?

You’re the writer. Aren’t you supposed to know this stuff?


She grinned and

I knew that

I would miss

her while she

was gone. Despite

only knowing her

in my life

during the day,

I thought of

her as a

true friend or

an every day

angel, those people

who come into

our lives for

a moment, or

two, sometimes years,

and they enrich

our lives, for

however short of

a time. They

leave it brighter.

Salutations, I said.


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