Welcome to Hope Falls…

When I first wrote the HopeFalls trilogy, I was watching a lot of soap operas.

I had watched Days of Our Lives for the past two years and loved every minute of it. I even made a page in my scrapbook that focused on the serial killer storyline, I kid you not! I lived with those characters every day.

I thought it would be a fun set up for a novel, the world of soap operas. Not the show itself, but the actors inside of the show, what their lives were like, what drove them. But then I thought of Soap Dish and how the way these actors behaved in “real life” was a heck of a lot more full of soap than when they were acting.

That’s the idea when I wrote HopeFalls, EagleValley and Dragon’s Cove. I let the story grow out of the characters and used every soap opera cliché that I could think of. There are people that come back from the dead, the horrible secrets, betrayal, long lost family members and difficult choices no one should have to make in real life.

Also a constant sense of danger because I prefer the night time soaps more like Twin Peaks or even Dallas, 90210, Part of Five. And a lot of Dark Shadows thrown in. I just had fun and revelled in the world, never expecting I would explore the world of soap operas in four novels and one (unfinished, sigh!) screenplay. It’s was the seed that created my novel The Raven’s Curse.

It’s also the perfect series for Halloween. There are tons of mysterious things going on in HopeFalls. Come and take a visit, won’t you? It’s going to turn cold this October and you’ll want something to heat up the night.

Check out the books here:

Hope Falls.jpg.opt288x432o0,0s288x432











HopeFalls: Season One


Eagle Valley.jpg.opt268x402o0,0s268x402










EagleValley: HopeFalls Season Two


Dragons Cove.jpg.opt268x402o0,0s268x402










Dragon’s Cove: HopeFalls Season Three


And here’s the coolest part: my awesome publisher, Books We Love, is giving Dragon’s Cove: Hope Falls Season Three away for free between October 25th to 29th, 2013. You can discover the story of Miriam, Derrick, Susan and Erin. They want answers and are willing to do anything to get them.


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