Endless Possibilities – A Poem

It’s been a long time

since I’ve wanted to

get to know someone romantically.

Normally I’m confident,

unafraid, calm, centered.

That was before.

Now I carry something with me

internally and externally.

On the outside, there is

my third leg, the metal appendage

that helps me to get around.

On the inside, it is the unseen

that I carry with me, that shapes

how I walk, how I function.

The seen and unseen

shapes the first impression

the romantic interest has of me.

More often than not, they will

take one look at third leg made of metal

and want nothing to do with me.

When they find out what is unseen

inside of me, most want less than nothing

to do with me. But every once upon a time,

there will be one person who will see

beyond the seen and unseen, and only

see what is inside of my heart instead.

And then, the possibilities are endless.

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