12 + 2 – Happy Holidays from Jamieson Wolf

12+2I love the Holiday Season.

It’s full of everything lovely: lights, turkey dinners, time with family and friends, presents, hot apple cider.

It’s also time for my annual holiday novella! How cool is that?

No, it’s not a warm fuzzy of a novel. It’s about a serial killer who “gives joy” on the Holidays. I mean, what’s a little blood amongst others?

Here’s a little bit about 12 + 2:

It had always been this way.

Oliver had always given into the call of 12, giving joy to twelve people every year for Christmas; but things were different now.

With his son Edgar back in his life and his writing finally being noticed, Oliver knows that his life is in the public eye and he won’t be able to create his art.

Thankfully, his son Edgar can do the killing for him.

This Christmas, there will be blood.

You can read 12+2 for free right here:


This is actually the third and final novella in a trilogy. I hadn’t planned on writing more than the first novella, 12, but the story never really left me.

So last year brought 12 + 1 and this year brings the last chapter 12 + 2.

I hope you enjoy reading it as I write it and that it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy for the holidays…probably not, but that’s all good too!

Happy Holidays!

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