The Empress – A Poem

The things she held on toThEmpress

were like photographs

that danced around her

like dreams which

everyone could see.

She held love in one hand

and mercy in the other.

She held tight to sexuality

and emotion,

letting the two

mingle and meld and mix.

She held on to the smoke they created

like a wish waiting

to be born.

She was the beginning

of all life,

the power of nature

and what it could

give back to the world.

She was change and renewal

and the embodiment of passion,

filling the air around her

with joy and reflection.

She was Mother Nature,

creating a new connection

between the visible

and the invisible.

Looking around her,

She saw that each of

these parts of her

were represented by pictures

and only by stepping back

could you look

at the whole of her.

She was the Empress

with her head turned

towards the future.


Dedicated to Dawn who is an Empress. 🙂

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