The Princess of Wands – A Poem

Hey Everyone! Princess of Disks

Here’s my fourth written offering for Pay It Forward 2014. This one is for my friend Carol who asked for a poem. 

I thought of her when I wrote it-and the Tarot as I met her at my first Tarot class. She is lovely and kind and wonderful and one of the most awesome people I know. 

So here you go Carol!

*     *     *

When I saw her for the first time,

I thought my eyes were playing

tricks on me.

She was sitting against

a bright red wall, a soft light

playing off of her skin

and hair, as if she was

surrounded in light.

For a moment, I saw

a woman standing in front

of a dense forest.

She was holding a long staff

with light at that shone

brighter than the sun

in one hand and in the other

a shield made of gold that

held the world.

Then I blinked my eyes

and the vision was gone.

As I grew to know her,

I realized that the light

she had didn’t come

from a staff of shield.

It came from within her,

shining out in waves

that brightened the lives

of any she came close to.

She didn’t need any wand

to make her magic.

She gave it freely to others,

those who were in pain

or suffering from hidden darkness

that the world couldn’t see.

She took their pain

and left only light behind.

She doesn’t need a wand

to make her magic.

She already is

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