Drawn Together – A Poem

“What are you doing?”images

Birth approached Life

at the easel.

She had a large canvass

propped upon it.

“Painting.” Life replied.

“That looks horrible.”

Death said, entering the room.

“You better throw it out.”

the oldest Fate said.

“It’s horrible.”

“Oh, don’t be such a downer.”

Birth said. “After all,

I have my garden,

you have your singing,

let Life indulge in her creativity.”

Death made a flippant

motion with her hand.

“Whatever.” She said.

“What’s it supposed to be anyway’s?”

Life looked at the canvass

with pride beaming off her face.

“Two men who

need to be drawn to each other.”

“Men are pigs.” Death said.

“Not all men,” Birth replied.

“Some of them are nice.”

“These two are wonderful.” Life said.

“If they’re wonderful,

why do they need help?” Death said,

scorn evident in her voice.

“Everyone needs a little help

where the heart if concerned.” Life said.

“They just need a little nudge.”

“Well, I think it’s beautiful.” Birth said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Life replied.

She tapped her paint brush

on the canvass and the two men

walked towards each other

across the canvass

until they met in the middle

and enfolded each other

in an embrace.

Light began to shine

from the canvass

until even the

Three Fates were blinded

by its brilliance.

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