A Gift of Joy – A Poem

I was in a dark mood,ladyreading

had been for days.

I walked down the

sidewalk and I passed by

a homeless woman.

I walked a little further

and then stopped.

Here was something

that I could do,

something that would

make me feel better.

I took out a handful

of change and walked

back to the homeless woman.

I put the money

into her battered

McDonald’s cup,

thinking she was probably

going to spend it on

booze or drugs.

It didn’t matter,

I had done my good deed.

I went into the bookstore

to give myself

a Zen moment and

the homeless woman

walked in behind me.

“Do you have that book you put on hold for me? I finally have enough! I got enough to get my book!”

The man behind

the cash went to get

her book and

I stood there, stunned.

I had assumed that

she’d be using the

money I’d given her

for something else

entirely. Never did it

occur to me that

she’d buy a book.

She stood there

holding the book

like a child and

the look on her face,

one of sheer joy

and absolute bliss,

was all I needed

to chase my dark mood


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