In Time – A Poem

I was in a shop that sold

The shop was filled with tick tocking

and soft plinks as grains of sand

hit against glass. All kinds of watches

were on display. As I looked around

the shop, I noticed the people within.

They were all men I had been with,

men that I had loved, at one time

or another. They all turned towards me.

Each came closer, holding out

a watch for me. The first

held out a watch made from

glass, it’s strap covered

in shards that would only

draw blood from me.

“You would look wonderful wearing this.”

I backed away from him.

“No, I don’t want that.”

The next man held out a watch

with a strap made from barbed wire.

“You should wear this one.”

I pushed it away. “I can’t wear that.”

Then one held out a woman’s watch,

covered in pearls and rubies.

“This one would look great on you.”

“No.” I said. “It wouldn’t.”

The next man held out a watch made from

steel and it looked heavy and cold.

“This is your watch.” He said.

I shook my head again.

“No, it’s not.” I turned and looked

at the room of men I had

loved and shook my head.

“None of you knew me at all.” I said.

“I choose none of the watches.”

I looked at each of the men in the eye,

met each of their stares with my own.

“I tell my own time now.”

When I left the shop,

It was without a watch but with

all the time in the world.

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