Keep Walking and Be Fabulous – A Poem

I could heardownload

them as they

walked up the

sidewalk. One man

was wearing a

bright red shirt

that said “My

other car is

a Delorean” and

the other wore

a backwards baseball

cap with the

words “Yo Bitches”

stitched in black.

You SO cannot tell who’s gay. What do you know about gay people?

The one in

the hat said,

his voice full

of derision and

disdain. His friend

in the Delorean

t-shirt punched him

in the arm.

I can SO tell who’s gay Like that guy there? He’s gay. There’s a girl on his t-shirt and no self respecting straight guy would wear that.

Hermione from the

Harry Potter series

was on my shirt.

That didn’t matter

though. You can’t

tell what sexuality

someone is from

what they’re wearing.

As they came

closer, Delorean stepped

in my path.

Yo, question for you. Are you gay?

I wondered how

to respond to

him. Educate or

mock him? I

decided on mockery.

I AM very happy, thank you for asking.

No, what I meant was-

I know what you meant. And what does that matter?

Delorean pointed to

Yo Bitches and

gave me a

smile that was

meant to put

me at ease.

My friend here and I are trying to settle an argument.

I decide to

play dumb. It’s

worked well before.

What argument is that?

Whether you can tell if someone is gay by what they’re wearing.

I look them

both up and

down. I smile.

Don’t worry. No one can tell, just keep walking and be fabulous.

Their stunned looks

are joined by

my laughter as

I walk away.


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