The Princess of Cups – A Poem

When I first saw her,10174849_10154051790825702_6053369847386296695_n

tears were sliding down

her cheeks. Though they

were tears of grief,

they shone on her face

like dew drops made

from her sadness.

As I watched the tears

leave her eyes, they began

to shape a necklace made

of jewels that shone as

bright as stars. They

reflected the light within her

that shone so brightly.

As I’ve come to know her,

she has filled my life

with her light and her

joy. She has

astounded me with

her kindness, her

tenderness, her

willingness to love.

It’s as if she stands

at the centre of an

island, surrounded

by the seas over

which she travelled.

She ignores the castle,

tall and dark and instead

chooses to stand on the sand

so that the water from

the waves can touch her skin.

As I’ve come to know more,

I am astounded and inspired

by her strength, her will

and her wisdom.

Over time, the

necklace of stars

has become a crown,

sitting proudly on her head,

letting her light shine out

for all to see.

She has left the island

to embrace life and all

that it has to offer.


* For Jayne, who is stronger than she knows. 🙂

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