Focusing the Light – A Poem

downloadI went to a reshoot of my promotional video for The ABC’s to Getting Published. The camera man wanted to film me writing.

So I did whatever a writer does when offered a pen and paper: I wrote.

Here’s the poem I wrote while being filmed. I thought it would be cool if I typed it out so you can all read it.



Once when I

was younger my

consciousness was broad

and far reaching.

It only saw

the bigger picture

and didn’t take

the time to

think about the

smaller joys that

life offered. It

was only concerned

with what I

would become rather

than what I

already was. I

was always on

the go, always

moving and never

still. It took

an event that

shook me to

the core, that

reshaped my body

and my soul

to draw my

vision into focus.

It narrowed the

wide beam of

light that flowed

from me, sharpened

it, gave it

more heat. Now

all I see

and all I

know is what

I am truly

capable of. My

consciousness is still

big, my desires

and dreams still

larger than life,

but they have

been given a

new purpose. I

am capable of

anything I set

my mind to

and all of

my dreams

are possible.

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