Wishful Thinking – A Poem

I wished fordownload

what I thought

to be impossible.

I had been

mistreated and scorned

by love, so

instead, wished for

what I thought

was only a

flight of fancy.

I went out

into the garden,

the moonlight shining

on all of

the flowers, their

blooms moving gently

in the wind.

I worked methodically,

picking blooms from

all kinds of

flowers. There were

petals from all

sorts of flowers,

pieces of a

love I didn’t

think actually existed:





Forget Me Not

Globe Amaranth


Gathering some petals

from each flower,

I took them

back inside.

I ground all

the petals up

into a fine

powder, their colours

mingling with each

other until they

looked like nothing

but multi-coloured sand.

Going to the

front door, I

opened it to

find a strong

breeze had risen

up. I held out

the bowl of

powdered flower petals

and offered it

to the wind.

There were no

words I could

say, for how

did I put

into words that

which I thought

an impossible kind

of love, one

that I was

not destined for?

The wind took

the powder up

into its embrace

and carried it

away. I thought

that was it,

I was done.

Going back inside,

I let sleep

claim me and

was woken hours

later by a

knock at the

door. I sat

up, clutched the

blanket to my

chin. Slowly, I

stood up, my

feet shaky, unsure.

I made my

way to the

door and opened

it. The sunlight

shone around you

momentarily, like a

halo, as if

you were made

of the sun.


You said. Your

voice was deep

and melodious. Something

inside of me

stirred at the

sound of it.

“What is that gorgeous scent? What is it?”

“It’s nothing, merely a wish.”

I tried to

keep my voice

nonchalant, not daring

to hope but

believing in hope

all the same.

“I’ve been dreaming of that scent. It’s what led me to you.”

When you came

closer to me

and wrapped your

arms around me,

a wind began

to rise up

around us. When

you put your

lips to mine,

the wind began

to shine, as

if all the

flower petals, the

pieces of them,

were reflective and

shone even brighter.

“I wished for you.”

You said. I

looked deep into

your eyes and

saw myself there.

“I guess wishes do come true.”

I replied and

kissed you again,

the sunlight growing

brighter, reflected off

of the power

of a wish.


* For Michael. 🙂

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