Holding the Chalice Tightly – A Poem

Everyone has a1920112_10152267602487780_1761078277_n

chalice inside of

them. That glass

barrier that lies

between body and

spirit. Over time,

the chalice can

break and crack.

I was forever

picking up pieces

of mine. I

would be walking

along and hear

the soft clink

of glass behind

me. I would

pick up the

shard of glass

and let it

sit in my

hand for a

moment as it

caught the light.

Then, slowly, it

would sink back

into my flesh.

It never found

it’s proper place

though, so when

I walked, it

sounded like bells

were singing as

I moved. I

healed my body,

mind and spirit

but the chalice

still remained in

pieces. Though I

was whole on

the outside, I

was still in

pieces. I didn’t

think the chalice

would be whole

again. Until I

met him. As

our feelings grew,

I could feel

the pieces of

the chalice moving

inside of me,

finding their rightful

place, forming the

chalice one more.

They were in

place, waiting for

the moment. When

he told me

that he loved

me for the

very first time,

and I told him

the same, he

pulled me into

a tight embrace.

Rather than break

the chalice, I

could feel the

pieces melding back

together, fusing and

forming. A new music

began to play

from inside of

me. It was

the sound of

bells, made from

a whole chalice

rather than a

broken one. It

began  filling me

with light and

love for him.

He looked at

me and said

“I love you.”

The music of

the bells grew

until the world

around us was

filled with light

“I love you, too.”

I said. Light

poured from both

of us and

danced to the

sound of music

and I was

complete once more.

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