A Language Upon the Leaves – A Sonnet

I thought I’d try something different. Towhee singing_8075crop

I don’t normally write poems with any rhyming scheme or iambic pentameter. However, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a sonnet. I made a comment on Facebook the other night that I felt like writing love sonnets. Someone said I should try, so I did!

I hope you enjoy my first effort.



You helped me relearn a language unknown

something primal and unspoken.

Our love has bloomed and has grown,

a seed beginning to spring open.

The language you taught me once again

was one that I’d forgotten.

Every touch, caress and every when,

is but a new leaf begotten.

Inside my heart, the language you speak

is written upon the leaves.

The bird takes them in his beak

and brings them to the breeze.

The tree we planted and nurtured still grows

and whispers the words every time the wind blows.

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