The Unknown Language of the Heart – A Poem

My heart washeart-on-hand

unable to speak.

It would look

at other people

in love and

wonder what they

were saying to

each other without

speaking. What kind

of unknown language

passed between them?

I despaired of

ever finding someone

who loved me

deeply enough to

speak without speaking,

to touch my

heart with a

simple caress. That

changed when I

met you. The

love between us

grew slowly, starting

as a seed

that was planted

in my heart

the moment we

first kissed. It

was nurtured with

every endearment and

each caress. When

the flower bloomed,

filling me completely,

I heard a

soft buzzing, felt

a throb of

vibration as my

heart began to

respond to yours.

Now, when you

touched me, it

was like you

touched my heart.

Now when you

spoke to me,

it was as

if you spoke

to my soul.

At first, I

was terrified. What

was this unknown

language? What did

it all mean?

You took my

face in your

hands and looked

right into me.

“Don’t be afraid.”

You said to

me. At those

words, my fear

fell away and

a series of

words I had

not known began

to show themselves

appearing as if

something was rubbed

away and the

words were there

the entire time.

All they needed

was someone to

help me see

them. Now when

you look at

me, the words

from the unknown

language become known

all over again.

All it took

was your love

to set the

words, and myself,


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