What Forever Would Bring – A Poem

When I leftflat,550x550,075,f.u2

the dark forest,

I walked along

a path. I

didn’t know where

it was going,

had no idea

where I would

end up. Above

me, the clouds

changed shape. I

saw eagles, falcons

and other birds,

as if the

very clouds were

telling me to

fly. I made

my way through

the storm fields,

forcing myself to

walk through the

tall grass that

was whipped too

and fro with

such wicked ferocity.

A field of

grass that whispered

thoughts I had

when darkness took

hold. The grass

told me to

lie down within

it, and just

to let go.

I traversed  through

through the deep

murky swamp, ignoring

the goblin that

hid within telling

me that everything

would be okay

if I just let

He laughed

at me, at

what I had

been, every terrible

thought I’d had

about myself. I

came to the

ghost lands, where

all those I’d

thought I had

loved called out

to me, telling

that I was

nothing, that I

was pathetic, that

they owned me.

I ignored all

of them, the

grass, the goblin

and the ghosts.

I left them

behind me, in

my past. Instead,

I kept my

eyes on the

path and looked

from time to

time at the

birds in the

sky, leading me

towards what, I

didn’t know. The

path turned to

red dust and

pieces of rock.

I suddenly found

myself in front

of a large

mountain that towered

high up into

the sky and

the clouds. There

was no way

I could climb

over it. I

stood there, not

knowing what to

do. It was

then that a

shadow detached itself

from the rocks

and walked towards

I watched as

the shadow grew

bright, as if

it was not

made from darkness

but from a

bright white light.

Then you were

in front of

me, shining like

the stars and

the moon. You

smiled and spoke

my name softly.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you.”

You said to

me. I nodded.

“And I for you.”

I said. I

pointed to the

mountain, at it blocking the

only way forward.

“What do we do now? How do we climb over it?”

You looked at

the mountain and

then back at me.

“It’s only an obstacle because you see it that way. Why don’t we just go around?”

I shook my

head, trying to

find the words.

“It could take forever to go around the mountain.”

You smiled and

your light increased.

“Then it will be forever with you. Besides, who knows what sights we’ll see?”

You took my

hand and we

started off, around

the mountain. The

falcon’s and the

eagles, the ravens

and the crows,

all made of

clouds but somehow

solid, swooped down

to join us,

following us on

our journey towards

what forever would


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