So Much Left Unsaid – A Poem

There is anothertumblr_lpgz7dttdv1qbpwzeo1_500

half of me.

We are the

same, but dramatically

different. When we

were younger, we

spoke in our

own language. Only

we could understand

each other. Over

time, that language

was replaced by

words that everyone

could understand. As

we left behind

our own words,

our own tongue,

we grew further

apart. We stopped

hearing each other.

We stopped listening.

That doesn’t mean

that I don’t

carry him with

me every day

of my life.

Eighteen years have

passed since I

last spoke to

him, a whole

lifetime ago, but

he is with

me every day.

His determination and

courage are a

constant, for he

always seemed braver

than I was. Though

only fifteen minutes

separated us, I

always saw him as

my older brother

and looked up

to him. The

fact that we

no longer speak

pains me. Since

he won’t hear

my voice, it

is my hope

that he will

read my words

and draw courage

and strength from

them when he

needs it most.

There is so

much I want

to say to

you, so much

I want to

tell you. We

are two sides

of the same

coin and

it is my

hope that I

can offer you

courage and strength

in return for

all you showed

me. You are

brave and have

remained a pillar

of strength for

me, even from

afar. Know that

you can do

anything you set

your mind to,

that, if you

need me, I

will be here

for you. Most

importantly, know that

I love you.

There is so

much left unsaid

but those three

words will have

to do. If

I could, I

would draw out

this new threat,

pull it from

your body. Since

I cannot, all

I can give

you is my

love and hope

that it’s enough.

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