Strings – A Poem

There was a10430391_10154933400270105_1778875768577040506_n

red thread that

ran from my

finger and into

the air. I

often tried to

see where it

was going or

who it was

connected to, but

it was as

if the end

was made from

air, invisible to

the human eye.

It wouldn’t come

off of my

finger either, but

remained stubbornly stuck

there, as if

reminding me of

something I had

forgotten. I wondered

for a while

at the purpose

of the red

thread, what it

could mean. I

started to notice

that the other

end of the

string would become

visible when I

was with someone

close to me.

I knew they

couldn’t see it,

but I could,

just when they

were around me.

I started to

see other threads

in other colours

connecting everyone to

someone. The strings

were pink, purple,

blue, orange, yellow.

strings of every

colour, like a

prism hit by

light. If I

looked at the

string on my

finger in a

different light, I

realised it wasn’t

just one string,

but hundreds, all

trailing from my

finger. I soon

realized how many

strings I was

tied to, how

many people I

was connected with.

I had red

strings going in

every direction, some

of them not

attached to anyone

I had met

yet. I wondered

who these strings

belonged to, who

they were. Then

I saw one

string that was

a different colour.

I hesitated only

a moment before

pulling on it.

It held strong.

It was a

deep and gorgeous

green colour. I

plucked at it

and heard the

string hum as

it vibrated. I

marveled at the

music it made.

Then I heard

another hum, felt

vibrations in my

chest where my

heart was. I

realised then that

these were heart

strings. I began

to follow that

particular heart string

to see who

it was connected



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