2015 – The Year of Awesome


It’s that time of year again.

As the New Year approaches, we all make New Year’s Resolutions. You know how it goes: They’re difficult to stick to, almost impossible to do and we always abandon them less than a month later. At least our intentions are good.

My New Year’s Resolution for last year was a simple one: to live 2014 to its fullest. I’ve certainly done that. I’ve done more this year than the last five combined. I’ve grown more mentally, spiritually and physically than ever before.

For 2015, my NYR was going to be the same as 2014…but then I started thinking (don’t you hate when that happens?). While I’ve done a lot and accomplished much this past year, there are a few things I need to work on in 2015.

So my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 are (in no particular order) as follows:

1 – Keep on living as much as I can. Every day is a gift.

2- To quiet my internal critic and finish Boy Friends in early 2015. It really is the best book I’ve written, now I just have to work on finishing it.

3 – To study more and develop my Tarot skills further. This includes learning everything I can about astrology, the zodiac and different kinds of spreads.

4 – To not be so darn hard on myself. This includes feeling horrible when I have to tell friends I can’t get together due to brain fog, fatigue, etc. but is not limited to lack of faith in my ability as a writer and my dream of writing full time.

5 – To educate people when needed on the side effects and symptoms of MS or CP. To not stay quiet when someone makes a snap judgement based on what my body is doing that day. If I don’t speak up, how will people learn?

I think that’s a pretty hefty list. The thing is, they’re all doable, achievable and manageable. That’s key to my doing NYR’s. Keep them simple, right?

I hope that whatever 2015 brings all of you that it’s full of everything awesome and wonderful. Oh, and full of sparkles.

You gotta have sparkle.

Happy New Year!

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