Conversation Going Forward – A Poem

I saw himsidewalk1

before he saw

me. As I

had walked towards

him, it had

taken me a

moment to even

recognize him. He

looked like someone

I should know.

When I realized

who he was,

I made a

decision. I wasn’t

going to change

my path, just to

accommodate him. So

I kept walking.

His head snapped

up and looked in my

direction, almost as

if he had

heard me speak

his name. His

eyes were cold

like the air

around us, like

the snow that

fell from the

skies. We came

even nearer to

each other. I

wondered if this

would be the

time where he

would speak, would

tell me what

happened between us.

As we came

closer to each

other, he looked

as if he

was going to

say something. I

wondered what it

could be, what

he could say:

“Look, we have to talk. “

“It was all a misunderstanding.”

“I’m sorry.”

I thought of

stopping, but I

realized that what

ever he had

to say to

me had already

been said, all

those years ago.

At least, it

that was true

for me. How

odd that I

had waited for

this moment for

seven years and

now realized I

had already said

everything? He stopped

in front of

me and went

to speak, but

I kept walking

along my path

into what the

future would bring

and left him

behind me in

the past.

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