Talking with the Earth – AVAILABLE NOW in eBook!

Talking witht the Earth cover

Hey Everyone!

I have the most awesome of news! Talking with the Earth, the follow up to the Number One Best Selling Talking to the Sky, is released in eBook!

How awesome is that? I’m thrilled!

Here’s the book blurb:

Talking with the Earth contains poems that are part memoir, part journey to healing. All the conversations contained within are real or imagined.

The poems are the author’s attempt to find his place in the world and to carve his own path through life.

With unflinching honesty, Wolf talks about disease, sexuality, physical disability and the healing power of love.

Take a walk along the Earth, won’t you?

It’s out in eBook now and you can find it here:

It’ll be out in paperback shortly. In the meantime, get yourself an eBook copy and start reading today!

It collects a year’s worth of poems as I continue to find my voice anew and hone it. A lot of the poems in the collection really surprised me. Unlike Talking to the Sky, this time around, I remember every one.

I am so proud of this book. I hope you come with me on my journey.

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