The Light Inside of Us – A Poem

indexEven as a

writer, I am

often at a

loss for words.

When I look

into your beautiful

eyes and see

myself reflected from

within, I tell you

that I’m grateful

for your love

and your kindness,

though that only

comes close. When

you take my

hand and the

simple gesture makes

me feel more

whole than I

have ever been,

I tell you

that I’m honoured

by your presence

in my life,

but the words

don’t described everything

I’m feeling. When

you tell me

that you love

me, I tell you

I love you

in return, but

trying to fit

everything into those

three words seems

impossible. Now, as

we embark on

building a life

together, joining our

lives into one, I

try to express

how thrilled I

am, how happy

you make me,

how you make

me a better

man. I can

only hope that

you know this,

that you can

feel the words

I want to

say but can

find no breath

large enough to

hold them. I

know that the

emotions I can’t

find the right

words for thrum

within my body,

making it vibrate

with light. I

can only hope

that when I

take your hand,

and put it

to my heart,

you can feel

the vibrations of

words not spoken

and that you

know their meaning.

If I am

ever lost, I

know that all

you will have

to do is

follow the light

that you create

within me and

I will be

guided by the

light I create

inside of you.

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