When You Are Away – A Poem

When you areindex

away, I dream

of you at

night. You come

into my sleep

like the wind

and it is

a cool balm

on my skin.

When you enter

my dream, all

I can see

is the light

that emanates from

you, so bright

that I am

momentarily blinded by

you. In the

dreams, we are

hand in hand,

exploring unseen territory,

unknown places: great

expanses of sand

stretching as far

as the eye

can see, meadows

full of flowers

begging to be

picked, caverns and

caves or cliffs.

In my dreams,

we travel the

world together. When

I wake, I

still feel your

hand in mine,

your body next

to me. Though

you are away,

you are never

far from me

as I carry

you inside my

heart. When I

wake, my body

is filled with

light that chases

away the darkness

of night, though

our travels during

slumber stay with

me, clear in

my mind. When

you are away,

I lay down

to sleep at

night and wonder

where we’re going


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