Brighter Than the Stars – A Poem

I try tostock-footage-romantic-stars-twinkle-in-the-night-sky-twinkling-stars-form-i-love-you

tell you how

much I love

you. My words

are lacking, even

after all this

time. It’s difficult

to capture the

emotions you stir

inside of me

in three simple

words. Saying

I love you

doesn’t seem like

enough. I try


“I’m so in love with you.”

I tell you

and you respond

in kind. It

doesn’t capture everything

though. It fails

to tell you

how much you’ve

changed my life,

how much more

amazing it’s become

since you entered

  1. I try again.

“I love you beyond words.”

That almost works,

for aren’t I

always struggling to

find a way

to tell you

how I feel?

However, I’m a

writer and words

are my art.

I should be

able to tell

you how much

you make me

feel, how I’ve

become someone I

always wanted to

be, thanks to

your love and

your support, your

kindness that shines

from you in

all that you

do. So, I

try once again:

“I love you completely.”

That still seems

to lack the

way I love you,

how our love

continues to grow

beyond our bodies

and the fact

that I love

you with my

entire body, heart

and soul. In

the end, I

know that when

you look at

me, even if

I haven’t spoken,

you know exactly

how I feel

and return those

feelings in kind.

When you look

at me, you’re

seeing all of

me, every bit

of my heart

and soul. All

those words I’ve

been trying to

find don’t matter.

All that matters

is you and

the love we

have for each

other, brighter than

all the stars.

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