You Are Missing From Me – A Poem

When you are away,11659234_650037778464716_2356675904495052608_n

I don’t merely miss you.

I yearn for you,

for everything you

bring to my life

and the life that we

build together. I am

restless when you’re gone,

unsure of what to do

with myself, I feel adrift

in a world which I used

to see one way, but you

have given me a new way to

see it, a different way

to experience it,

to actually live life.

When you are away,

I don’t merely miss you.

I ache for you,

for your hand in mine,

to hear your voice in my ear,

the sound of your laughter

or the feel of your lips against mine.

Since we’ve met,

I’ve found the other half of me

that was missing for so long,

the other piece of me

shining bright like the jewel

that you are.

My life is so much brighter

with you in it and you’ve

taught me to truly shine.

When you are away,

you are missing from me

and my whole self,

all of who I am,

yearns for your return.

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