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When Love Blooms New Cover
I have always loved fairy tales.

To me, they are the literary equivalent of magic. As a child, I gobbled up Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm. There is something in fairy tales that is at once wonderful and thrilling.

The idea I had in the beginning was writing a collection of adult fairy tales about all kinds of love. Each of the stories in this collection focus on a different kind of love: gay, straight, transgendered, inter-racial, long distance love and love even after death.

There is always a lesson to be learned in fairy tales. But, more than that, they delve into the darkness of the human heart and spirit, and force the hero or heroine to confront the darkness that rests inside of them before they can have their happily ever after.

Like the love that inspired the stories, the stories themselves bloomed as I wrote them. I didn’t plot any of them and often surprised myself throughout the writing of them.

I had no intention to set a collection of stories in one particular location and thusly, the particulars of Inglewood Hamlet change and shift, like love itself.

When I wrote the first story, I had no idea that a whole collection would follow. What surprised me most was that I went back to Inglewood Hamlet. I thought I was done. I had written the original eleven stories in the collection, and that was it…right?

Earlier this year, I wrote a story for a fabulous friend of mine (hi Pam!!!) and I was surprised to find myself back in Inglewood Hamlet. I realized that I had missed it and that there were a few more stories to tell.

So I wrote two more after that, finishing off the character arc of one particular character. Namely myself but in fairy tale style and rounding off the collection with fourteen stories. Every good writer puts themselves into the story or novel in some way. This time, I was in my own fairy tale and that’s just awesome.

In the end, I realized something while writing this collection. Fairy tales are based on real life and magic does exist…if you keep your eyes open to see it.

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While the stories in When Love Blooms play loosely with fairy tale traditions, they do hold truths of all sorts within their words. Love is the greatest magic of all. So it’s my hope that with all the stories collected, their magic is tenfold.

Whatever you take away from them, I hope you enjoy them.

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