Fearless by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

81SkGTzd+-LThere is an ache inside of Angelica Bondesan.

She knows where the ache comes from and what will cure it: Nico Vitalie. He brought her passion like she’s never known and touched not only her body but her soul. She knows what will soothe that ache, but she doesn’t know how she truly feels about Nico and what happened after she was kidnapped.

So she goes back to her small town to mourn the death of her father and be with her brother, thinking that Nico is behind her now. However, when she learns that the Vitale family is under attack. People are disappearing and some even end up dead.

Angelica knows that she has no choice. She goes back to Nico, unsure of how things stand between them, but knowing that standing by his side is the only thing she can do.

Things take a drastic turn when Dante, the one man who frightened her more than anything, takes her brother hostage. Her brother means more to her than anything else in the world. She knows she now has no choice. She has to become part of the mob world that she has shunned for so long.

However, time is running out. If they don’t find David, he might be taken from her too. Added to that, the passion between her and Nico is as white hot as ever and she has no choice but to give in to what her body, and her heart, want so very much…

After reading Fearless by Michelle St. James, I thought I knew what to expect in Lawless: hot passion and a thrilling plot. I got that and more. Michelle manages not only to up the ante but to deepen the level of passion between Angel and Nico, something I thought impossible.

It’s wonderful to see that she escapes the typical fate of the second book in a trilogy. Usually, the excitement has already happened and the middle book is a filler until we reach the last book so that it goes out with a big bang. Not so with Fearless.

What’s also really well done about this book is the strengthening of Angelica’s character. She goes from a woman who is afraid but resolute to what is going on around her to a woman who knows that she’s now involved whether she likes it or not. She accepts that she’s part of the mob world, knowing her life is different now.

Experiencing Angel come into her own and stand next to Nico was a wonderful thing. It made her character that much more believable, that much more amazing.

I can’t count the number of times I was reading this book and was clutching my copy in glee or nervousness. Michelle takes you on a white-knuckle ride that will leave you breathless.

More than all of that, though, is the deepening of the passion between Angel and Nico. It was on fire in Ruthless. Well, that passion has been taken up a few notches so now it’s an inferno. I marvel at her ability to create such amazing love scenes that it leaves even me hot under the collar.

With the cliff-hanger at the end of the book, I am salivating for the release of Lawless: Mob Boss Book Three in October! I can’t wait to read Fearless for a second time and experience all the passion and danger all over again!

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