A Seed of Light – A Poem

When I think of you,daq2-1

I smile and something

miraculous happens. I am

filled with a light

that starts in the

centre of my chest.

It begins as a

small seed, one that

you planted there. As

it grows inside of

me, I begin to smile

and that smile releases

joy into me, filling

me with such bliss

at the mere thought

of you. It combines

with the light that

I carry inside myself

for you until I

can see nothing but

your face, shining and

gorgeous like the sun.

Until I can hear

nothing but your

voice, soft like the

wind. My love for

you spills out of

my body, as it

is impossible to contain.

When I think of

you, my entire outlook

on life changes, my

spirit becomes brilliant with

the love I carry

for you

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