Dancing with the Flame – A Poem

Beltane-Dancer-300x300* This is for Dianne Hartstock and is my newest offering for Pay It Forward 2015. I hope you like it Dianne!

To me, she

has always danced

to her own


to her own


More than that,

through the kindness

of her spirit

that shines through

in electric beauty,

she inspires me.

When I read

what she has

written, it is

so real that

I can almost

picture the images

coming to life,

sprouting forth like

fire to alight

upon the page

causing her words

to glow brilliantly.

She doesn’t merely

write but instead

dances with the

page. I long

to be so

free with my

words, so limitless.

I long to

evoke such beauty.

She shines like

a Princess of Words,

bright with the

joy of life

and filled with

so much passion

that it makes

the pages she

covers with her

words throb with

desire and wanting.

She makes me

want to write

more, to write

better and most

of all, to

dance and revel

in the freedom

of movement. My

hands itch to

slide across the

page and see

what stories I

can give light

to and what

will be chased

away in the


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