The Love Tree – A Poem

I was wanderingdownload

in the forest.

The sky was

filled with stars

that shone bright

lighting my path

and leading the

way, shining yellow

against an indigo

sky. I could see

red ladybugs flying

past me and

landing on leaves

as green as

an emerald. I

walked further and

watched as the

sky turned to

daylight, the orange

sun brilliant against

the blue sky.

I came upon

a tree covered

in violet coloured

flowers. There were

words written on

the leaves and

I tried to

read them, but

time passed quickly

here. The leaves

turned brown and

were swept off

of the tree

by the wind,

words floating into

the distance to

make a poem

in the sky.

Only one leaf

was left upon

the tree. I

wondered what word

was written upon

it and got

closer so I

could see. The

leave was still

bright green and

I leaned in

close to read

the scrawl of

letters upon its

surface. It read:


As I wondered

about what love

was to me,

I heard a voice

on the other

side of the

tree. Looking through

its branches, I

saw you there,

calling to me.

I touched the

tree branches to

get a closer

look at you

and the tree

erupted into bloom,

leaves of every

colour imaginable covered

its surface. The

light around you

grew brighter still.

I walked around

the tree, stepping

over a small

stream, the earth

under my feet

lush and green,

the air around

me smelling of

honeysuckle, the fire

of the sun

bright against my

skin. I went

to you and

embraced you. As

I felt your

heart beating in

time with mine,

I let out

a breath I

hadn’t even known

I was holding.

The rainbow coloured

leaves flew from

the tree, filling

the sky like

shimmering lights and

I was content

in the knowledge

that I finally

knew what love

really was.

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