The Uninvited Guest – A Poem

The air around68a854d5429f7614f1205aa846943be5

us was hazy,

as if I were

seeing it through

a gossamer film.

They sat across

from me with

looks of concern

etched on their

faces. The blonde

one said simply:

“How are things going for you?”

I tried to

convey my frustration.

“Well, he won’t leave. I don’t know what else to do. He just showed up one day and won’t leave. I don’t know how to make him.”

The brunette gave

me a kind

smile. She touched

my knee softly.

“Well have you tried talking to him?”

I nodded vigorously.

“I’ve been nice about it, telling him that it’s not just working out, nothing against him or anything. But he won’t listen.”

The blonde one

put a finger

to her chin.

“Weren’t you telling us last week about his cousin? Angus or something?”

“Angry Angus. Yeah, he came to stay for a bit, but him I did get rid of. But the other one won’t go, this Max Shadow person. He won’t leave. I’ve tried everything and he won’t go.”

“Maybe he isn’t supposed to.”

The brunette said.

“What do you mean?”


Here she looked

at me with

a knowing glance.

“Sometimes, people or events come along for a reason. We just have to find out what that reason is.”

I considered her

words. I tried

to think of

the reason why

Max Shadow was

there. I shrugged.

“Besides, you don’t have much choice, do you?”

The blonde said.

“He lives inside of you after all.”

She pointed to

the brunette in

with a well

manicured hand.

“She has Diana Diabetes inside of her, always trying to make her foods she knows that are bad for her.”

The blonde indicated

herself laying a

hand on her heart.

“I have Cathy Cancer who is always with me, though she’s currently visiting her aunt.”

The blonde touched

my knee again.

“We all have uninvited guests within us. We just have to find a way to exist with them instead of against them.”

The haze that

surrounded both of

them began to

grow until it

was difficult to

see the. Their

features were even

more blurred when

light began to

shine through them.

“Trust in yourself.”

The blonde said.

“It will become clear in time.”

The light pouring

into them filled

my eyes and

I woke to

find a new

warmth in myself

and a wetness

on my cheeks.

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