Love Becomes… – A Poem

The first time you told meHeart_Flame

“I love you.”

something within me came to life.

It was as if a light that had gone out

flickered into being once more.

When I told you

“I love you too.”

the light grew brighter,

filling every fibre of me,

so that the light could only

shine forth for all to see.

People began to remark on

how happy I was, how much

I shone. I knew it was all

because of your love for me

and the love for you

that I carried inside.

As our love has continued to grow,

it’s changed the world within me

and the world around me.

The entire world was brighter,

my spirit was lighter.

You have shown me that

love is not something you do,

it is something you become.

My world has become something

all together more wonderful

because of the love that we have

for each other and I can’t wait

to see what else the world around us

will become because of our


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