Savage: London Mob Book One by Michelle St. James – A Book Review

910r2pE+aHLJenna Carver is a woman with secrets.

It’s been five years and she’s still trying to mend her heart. She still loves Ferrell Black even though she chose to leave. When she found out she was pregnant with his child, she knew that he couldn’t give her and their unborn child the safety she needed and wanted. She chose to leave.

For five years, she’s hidden in New York, working for Nico Vitale. When working for the mob became too much, she left. Now her only focus is on taking care of her daughter Lily. She still carries a secret torch for Ferrell Black, though she’d be loathe to admit it.

When her father dies suddenly, killed in a random mugging, she flies back to London and her family…and the man that still occupies her heart: Ferrell Black. She does what she can to stay out of sight and to keep her heart in check. However, when Jenna sees Ferrell at her father’s funeral, all of the old emotions are still there and seeing Ferrell only brings them to the surface once again.

Jenna knows that she can’t let Ferrell find out about Lily. While trying to decide what to do she starts going through her father’s belongings and finds a key card and a passport sewn into the lining of her fathers jacket. She flicks through the passport and sees there are stamps for Amsterdam; but her father never wen to Amsterdam, did he?

She knows that Ferrell Black, head of the London Syndicate of the mob, may be her only choice for answers. What he finds will send them both fleeing for their lives. At the same time, Jenna has to decide whether she can forgive Ferrell and forgive herself…

I flat out loved this book. Michelle Zink writing as Michelle St. James has written a sure fire winner that somehow tops her previous romances, though I didn’t think that was possible. She writes so well that the characters come alive on the page.

What drew me in was the characters. Jenna is a strong woman with a definite idea of how she wants to raise her daughter. Her sister, Kate, is the perfect balance to Jenna. Ferrell is the perfect hero. However, what surprised me was the sheer amount of heart in this book.

Take Ferrell. Early on in the novel, we meet his brother, Evan. His severely autistic and Ferrell keeps him in a home so that he can get the best care possible. Then there’s Jenna. She and her sister Kate have had to deal with an alcoholic mother all their lives and Kate is still taking care of her when she can.

It takes a talented writer to deal with subjects that wouldn’t normally be found in romance novels and to do it so well that it’s believable. It takes a deft hand to accomplish this, but thankfully, the author possesses that in spades. The subjects of alcoholism and Autism would have made the book awkward in someone else’s hands, but in St. James’, they only deepen the affection we feel for the characters.

What held everything together was the love and the passion that Ferrell and Jenna have for each other. The passionate fire between Jenna and Ferrell just burns up the page and the love between them is so real that you can’t help but be pulled in.

I can’t wait to see what happens in book two: Primal!

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