Living the Dream – A Poem

When we talked aboutdownload

living together, I never

really thought it would

happen. It had always

been my dream to

build a home with a man

who loved me completely,

to start building a life

with a man who understood

me and loved all the parts

of me, even those I didn’t

love. As the discussion became

more serious and we started

looking at different places,

a tiny spark of bright, pure light

began to grow inside of me.

As we packed our belongings

to move them into our new place,

that light grew to the size of a star;

I was carrying around the

impossible, a dream that was

coming true. When all of the

boxes and tubs, the odds and sods

of our lives, were mingled

together, waiting to be unpacked,

I should have felt nervous or

afraid or terrified. Instead,

I walked around the apartment

marvelling at the chaos that

surrounded us that we would

transform into a home, The star

inside of me grew brighter and bigger,

filling me almost to the brim.

That first night, I slept so well

beside you. When I woke and

realized that it wasn’t a dream,

that we had each other and

that this was our home together,

the star inside me overflowed,

my body unable to contain

the light that now spilled forth.

You were that dream made real,

that fantasy, come to life.

Living with you,

being loved by you,

has changed my life.

Every day with you is a blessing,

a wish come true. You’ve proven

that, sometimes, the impossible can

become possible and that sometimes,

if we’re lucky enough,

dreams do come true.


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