The Tree We’ve Grown Together – A Poem

This poem is for Michael for our two year anniversary. I often find that my words are lacking and can’t truly capture how I feel about you, but they will have to do.

Love you Michael, so very much.


When we first startedSmall

on our journey together,

we made a seed of light.

We planted it in the ground

and over time, we made sure

that it had all it could need

so that it could grow into

something wonderful.

Our love was like water

to the seed, nurturing it

within the ground.

Our support for each other

was like the earth,

keeping it safe storms.

Every time we said

“I love you.”

to each other, that was

like the wind. And

every time we felt our

hearts growing bigger with

love for each other,

that was like the sun,

shining down upon it.

Now our seed has grown

into a tree that stretches

its branches out from

the earth and into the sky.

Its branches reach into the

clouds themselves and along

all of the branches, there are

mementos and ornaments

of the time we’ve spent together.

I can hardly wait to see

where the tree will take us

and how we will grow with it,

until it touches the heavens

and beyond.

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