The Road of Yellow Brick – A Poem

As I walked, I could see17e83e5e6f2d1086f63d1680f6cf4e76

yellow bricks being left

behind with each step.

They sparkled like real gold

in the afternoon sunshine.

I looked behind me,

watching as they formed

a path, leading back into

my past. I kept walking forward.

I held my partners hand

in my right and my

mothers in my left.

As we walked, the sun

overhead, casting shadows

into my eyes. One of the

shadows moved closer

to me, taking on shape

and form. Soon he, too,

was walking with us.

I knew who this was,

this dark shape, this

shadow form. He was

who I had been before.

He kept up for a while,

finding balance on the

road of yellow brick.

However, I was faster

than he was, stronger

than he’d been. Though

he kept up, he was lagging

and his shape was starting

to lose its clarity. As we

moved passed him,

I looked back one final

time to see him waving at me,

urging me forward.

“You got this.”

He said. His voice found me

upon the wind that blew

by me. The bricks were

brighter and I could still

see them in my eyes

when I turned to look

forward again. I would

always be on the road

of yellow brick, but

I would look forward to

what would come instead

of looking back at where

I had come from.

Squeezing both my partners

hand and my mothers, I said:

“We got this.”

I felt the ground tremble

and saw a sea of yellow bricks

erupting from the ground

like flowers. I would just

have to keep walking,

keep doing what had

once been impossible,

to find out where

the road of yellow brick

would lead me now.

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