You Are Made of Stars – A Poem

This poem is for my Wonder Mom for her Birthday. Love you Wonder Mom!smaller


When I think of you,

I am reminded of stars,

Stars hold magic within them,

and that magic takes form

in light, shining down

upon us from light years away.

You have always been capable

of great magic, able to mend wounds,

heal hearts or grant wishes.

Stars are wise beyond their years,

they have been helping those

that wish for wisdom

learn secrets from the skies,

teaching those that want

to learn more about the world

that surrounds them.

Stars help guide others to safety,

having guided sailors and creatures

that live within the water

to their destination on calmer seas,

and they provide light

in the darkest of times,

helping us not to feel so alone.

Though Stars are far away from us,

they remind us that

we are not alone,

that all we have to do

is look up into the sky

to be close to them,

to be reminded of their light.

You are all of this

and more, a true being

of magic and light.

As you continue to shine forth

and shine on, it is an honour

and a privilege to be graced

by your light and your love.

I can only hope to shine

as brightly as you do

so that we can fly across the sky



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