Vapour Me – A Poem

I am reminded of what I couldn’t do7bef154dc7dd0cb3fdebaae1250ff2ce

each time I accomplish a task

that was previously insurmountable.

Every time I do one of those tasks,

I see a shadow of me out of the

corner of my eye, see through

and greyish white. He is

almost like a spirit made of vapour;

not there, but seen like a memory

replaying itself on a time loop.

Each time I step into the bath tub

to take a shower, I can see

the vapour me trying to balance

and watch as he


out of the tub and onto the floor.

Every time I take out the garbage,

I watch as the vapour me


with the garbage can and the steps,

I watch as he falls down the stairs.

When I change the cat litter,

I watch the vapour me


at the pain he feels in staying

upright with a hand against the wall,

knowing he will pay dearly.

Seeing the vapour me doesn’t bother me

as it once did. He is my past and

he is also a reminder of my strength.

For every time he fell,

he got back up.

Each time he felt pain,

he soldiered on, regardless.

Whenever he struggled

with simple, ordinary tasks,

he did them anyway

overcoming ordinary obstacles.

I may live with a vapour man,

mirroring my every move,

but he is a reminder of

what I’ve overcome and the

flat mountains that I have climbed.

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