Dear OC Transpo – With Gratitude


This is a bit different than the stuff I normally post, but a good deed must be acknowledged. 🙂

Dear OC Transpo,

I would like to offer my thanks to the driver of the number 1 bus that left from Bank and Slater at 3:30, bus number 5128.

The ride itself passed without incident and was quite enjoyable. It was getting off the bus that I need to offer my thanks for.

What with the snowfall yesterday and today, the snowbanks are alive and well and the sidewalks are covered in snow. When I got off my bus, there was a snowbank blocking my way to the curb. I attempted to get over the snow bank and that’s where the trouble started.

I was born with spastic Cerebral Palsy and I have relapse and remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I get along all right, but anything involving balance is a lost art to me. I can’t do inclines, stairs, ramps or slants. Snowbanks are a lost cause with me and I normally get over them by falling over them.

When I tried to get over the snowbank this afternoon, I immediately started to lose my balance. I knew I was seconds away from a faceplant into the snow and its cold embrace when I heard a voice behind me.

“Wait sir, wait, I got you.”

It was the driver of the number 5128 bus. I heard him get out of his bus and saw him as he leaped to the other side of the snowbank. He held out his hand and, when that didn’t do the trick, he gave me his arm to pull myself over.

“Thank you,” I said. “You’re awesome.”

“You’re welcome sir. You get home safely.”

I turned and watched the bus drive on. I don’t know if the driver realizes what he gave me this afternoon. He proved to me, with the gift of his hand, that human kindness still exists in the world. It was such a simple gesture, but it meant the world to me.

I know that a lot of people write in to you to complain. I wanted to take the time to write to you and say thank you. Thank you for employing that driver, whomever he is. He has my thanks and my gratitude.

Also, can you apologize to him for me? I stepped on his foot when I was making my way over the snowbank. That’s not a very good way to say thank you, now is it?

With gratitude,


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